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Apr 12, 2008 11:30 AM

Fried whole belly clams - San Diego

Where is the best place to get fried whole belly clams in San Diego?

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  1. Studio 24, a diner on Ruffin, just north of Balboa. I just discovered it and they fly in clams and lobsters from MA and have clam rolls, a clam plates, and lobster rolls on the menu, each at about $18.

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    1. re: PGB

      I'll 2nd Studio Diner on Stu Seigles movie lot. Just had the belly clam plate last week and it was very good. Great Main style lobster roll too.

      1. re: Captain Jack

        Whoa! that is good to know as I only get them every so often when we visit my sisterinlaw in Boston. As good as that?

      2. re: PGB

        That's good news and a good price, I get them when I travel to the East Coast, primarliy MA, NH & ME. Most offerings here are clam strips, a/k/a 'rubber bands'.

        1. re: PGB

          Thanks, it looks promising. If I have time next week I'll check them out.

        2. I've been to the Studio Diner, but I found a new spot the last time I was in SD. Try "A Bite of Boston" for whole belly clams (only available Fri, Sat, and Sun). The lobster roll is great too.

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          1. Bonus about Studio Diner: good service. I was griping about the service at Urban Solace on the US thread, so this is a good time for a service comparison.

            We eat at SD once a month, because it's close to a class we attend in Mira Mesa. Last night, we walked in and were greeted by a competent young woman with a solid, "Hello." When we asked for a table for two, she replied that she would have a booth available in 10 minutes, or we could be seated immediately at the counter. We chose the booth.

            What made this exchange worthy of a comment here is the professional demeanor displayed by the hostess. She was confident and KNEW what was going on in the dining room. There was no hemming and hawing and looking around and "oh, um, well, lemme see..." SD is a casual place, but they still manage to hire and train people to perform the easy tasks with polish.

            Our server was also spot-on, greeting us with, "Good evening, would you like to begin with something to drink? " She took a moment to tell us about the special of the day before leaving the table. Our meal never felt rushed or harried.

            SD was busy on this night, yet every step of our dinner, from the greeting to the dessert was executed with relaxed polish. I marveled that we spent a fraction of the price for dinner at SD as compared to US, yet the service at SD was 10 times better.

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            1. re: Dagney

              did you get BC's favorite, the patty melt? I enjoy the SD.

              1. re: cstr

                I rarely eat red meat anymore but the Patty Melt at Studio Diner knocks it out of the park!
                I didn't see any garden burgers on SD menu that could replace the meat.
                The clams look really good and they also have the Rachel which is a Rueben but with Turkey..

                1. re: Beach Chick

                  If you're go'in to fall off the wagon, SD is a good place to be bad, may your PM be ordered rare and please, no veggie or garden stuff.

                  1. re: cstr

                    I don't think the quality of meat at SD would be best for me eating it rare (no offense to SD) but I gotta say when I'm in Sedona, there is a place called the Cowboy Club that grinds their own meat and I had the best rare cheeseburger on brioche and I've ever tasted..meat tasted so was a real game changer.

                    You gotta try the garden burger patty melt cstr....frigging rocks the patty melt world.
                    Marble Rye, swiss and cheddar, grilled onions with some homemade 1,000..

                    When I was in FL last week, I spoke with the ticket gal and she didn't eat meat for over 25 years and my bag was over 5+ pounds which meant another $90 but since she and I connected on the patty melt veggie style, she let me slide on the $$ and got bumped to first..
                    Our tribe is growing..
                    ; )

                2. re: cstr

                  I had the Crabcake sandwich. delish!