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Apr 12, 2008 10:52 AM

DiningAlone-What High Quality/Upscale Restaurant Would I not Feel Weird at on A Saturday Evening?

Hi I am a 32 yr old male alone tonight on a Saturday and wanted to know where I could go and have a very nice upscale dinner without feeling like a loser being alone. I live in Culver City but could drive somewhat of a distance if needed.
Thanks So Much

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    1. i usually head out to a sushi bar and eat at the bar alone. it's not too bad.

      and yeah...the bar at Cut is great.

      1. I was at Akasha last (Friday) night, and there were lots of people eating at the bar there. I really liked the food and wine (by the glass) choices.
        Also, a little further from your neighborhood, sitting at the bar at either of the Mozzas, though I'm guessing Osteria Mozza might be tough on a Saturday.

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          It's rarely difficult for a solo diner to have a long wait for a seat at (either)Mozzas' bars. I do it alot.

        2. Hiya, if you want a really fab upscale meal, try BLT on Sunset, at the Sunset Plaza (formerly Le Dome). They have a long counter and I presume that's for individual diners. The braised short ribs and the braised carrots were to die for. Also they have a donut special that was the best donuts I've ever had. EVER!

          I love the cuisine at Lucques, but the bar feels tiny and cramped. I didn't love it when we ate there, though it wasn't impossible.

          I've noticed the bar is great at Jar, also Pane et Vino, so I would dine at those places solo.

          1. p.s. Ortolan has a really lovely bar area, away from the two main dining rooms (towards the back) and with its herb (?) wall, it feels like you are in an organic garden. It's also quite dimly lit, from memory.