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DiningAlone-What High Quality/Upscale Restaurant Would I not Feel Weird at on A Saturday Evening?

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Hi I am a 32 yr old male alone tonight on a Saturday and wanted to know where I could go and have a very nice upscale dinner without feeling like a loser being alone. I live in Culver City but could drive somewhat of a distance if needed.
Thanks So Much

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    1. i usually head out to a sushi bar and eat at the bar alone. it's not too bad.

      and yeah...the bar at Cut is great.

      1. I was at Akasha last (Friday) night, and there were lots of people eating at the bar there. I really liked the food and wine (by the glass) choices.
        Also, a little further from your neighborhood, sitting at the bar at either of the Mozzas, though I'm guessing Osteria Mozza might be tough on a Saturday.

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          It's rarely difficult for a solo diner to have a long wait for a seat at (either)Mozzas' bars. I do it alot.

        2. Hiya, if you want a really fab upscale meal, try BLT on Sunset, at the Sunset Plaza (formerly Le Dome). They have a long counter and I presume that's for individual diners. The braised short ribs and the braised carrots were to die for. Also they have a donut special that was the best donuts I've ever had. EVER!

          I love the cuisine at Lucques, but the bar feels tiny and cramped. I didn't love it when we ate there, though it wasn't impossible.

          I've noticed the bar is great at Jar, also Pane et Vino, so I would dine at those places solo.

          1. p.s. Ortolan has a really lovely bar area, away from the two main dining rooms (towards the back) and with its herb (?) wall, it feels like you are in an organic garden. It's also quite dimly lit, from memory.

            1. Usually steakhouses are good places for solo diners, especially at the bar. Ruth's Chris is a favorite of mine, and I know many people that enjoy eating solo at Morton's.

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                  concur w/ both of these.

                  very upscale solo dining experience? urasawa... you won't be lonely at all.

                2. I wish I'd run across this in time. I agree eating at bars is often perfect for solo dining. Sometimes on a Saturday night you might want a more 'formal' dining experience. The Water Grill downtown, besides being one of the best places in LA, has these great two person booths they often use for solo diners. You feel part of the restaurant but you are not stuck at a 4 top out in the middle or at a 2-top way in the back. Musso &Franks has similar booths as well. I enjoy both of these places any night of the week when I am dining solo.

                  1. njj7 -- Would you please post a follow-up and let us know where you ended up and whether or not it was a good experience?

                    1. I am happily married, but travel a great deal on business. I have eaten alone at some of the finest restaurants in the world, and never...not once...have I received less than the same service as everyone else in the restaurant. Actually, I think I am usually treated even better than if I were with others. The key is to dress properly, be extra understanding re where/how you are seated, and...I always tip extra well if you are seated at a table, to make up for the server's potential lost income by serving a single party. Decide where you would like to eat, and go for it. Bar seating is almost always available!

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                        The weird thing is I might spend the amount to people would if eating out at an upscale restaurant. The reasoning being that I want to try so many different things. And that's the way to do it, without a companion naysaying your eating choices.

                      2. Here is a report on my recent solo dinner at Josie, where I was treated very well:


                        1. I love Jar, AOC or Lucques. Also the bar at the Beverly Wilshire allows you to order off the Cut menu. I also love ordering at the bar at Blair's, but that's in Los Feliz and a bit of a drive for you.
                          I would suggest hitting all of these places no later than 6:30 to get a seat.

                          1. GRACE is a wonderful place to dine solo, evening on a weekend. The bar is comfortable, the service is wonderful, and the food is great.
                            Also, Hungry Car (though not "upscale", the food is fantatic.

                            K-ZO in Culver City is also perfect for a solo diner who enjoys good quality food without any pretense.

                            1. I ahve had many wonderful meals at Joe's in Venice. Last night, I was at Terroni with friends and thought it would be a great place to eat alone.

                              1. Osteria Mozza is quite a treat as a solo diner. The inability to carry a conversation with your dining partner is all of a sudden rendered a moot point. (I guess to that end, OP could also go to Comme Ca).

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                                  I guess you have a point. I hate the Mozza restaurants because of the noise level, disinterested service and total inability to converse with a dining partner. So perhaps if I were dining alone, and wore earplugs, and didn't care about service, as long as the food was ok (barely!) maybe I would go to Mozza. Why not go to Macaroni Grill where at least they treat you nicely?

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                                    I've always enjoyed great service sitting at the Nancy Bar. I think it's the outlying tables, especially the separate room (to which some 'Hounds refer as "the kiddie room" or "Siberia") that tend to suffer the most.

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                                      Really? The last time I was there we sat in the kiddie room, as you call it - only place where they could fit our party of six - and the service was excellent. Plus you actually can carry on a conversation with your dining companions in that room. But i will admit it doesn't have the buzz/energy/whatever you want to call it of the main room.

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                                        Wasn't me that said so, I'm just echoing sentiment. Again, I've always enjoyed myself at Osteria Mozza, but others haven't been as kind.

                                2. i've done exactly that at the sushi bar at matsuhisa!

                                  1. Too late for the original request, but I thought I'd throw out a heads up for my favorite WeHo hangout: Melrose Bar & Grill. They have a great dining bar, as well as a "community table" which is between the bar, the fireplace and the wine cellar. It seats ten or so (?) at bar height and is the most enjoyably social solo dining experience I've had to date. They also have free WiFi, so I've been guilty of pulling out my laptop and catching up on email when there's no one fun to talk to. It's not "fine dining" but the food is certainly on par, and the crowd is definitely upscale-relaxed.