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Apr 12, 2008 10:46 AM

Method/recipes for cooking while traveling by car?

Hubby and I are taking a car trip to/in Alaska in July. We will be hotel-ing and restaurant-ing it much of the time. However, because of the extremeness that is Alaska we would like to have self-sufficient alternatives. We are planning to take a cooler so we can store cheese, produce and beverages if we want. But for cooking I'm looking for ideas - should we buy a hibachi type grill (or is there something else out there that you like better?) - does anybody have pros & cons on which to buy, how to use, etc. Can you bake/roast a potato on a hibachi? Should we take a roll of thick tin foil? Simple yet delicious recipes would be nice. We love ethnic (Asian/Mex) as well as comfort foods (meatloaf/roasted chicken). Any and all tips are extremely appreciated. thx

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  1. I would think that carting around charcoal and an ashy hibachi would not be so fun, but to answer your question, yes, you can bake/roast a potato on a hibachi (poke holes in the potato and wrap it in foil). You can also do my favorite "camp fire potatoes" - cut up potatoes, onions and cheese, put in foil with salt/pepper, put in/near fire. YUM.

    If it were me, I'd take a propane camp stove. They are inexpensive, more reliable, easier and cleaner than a charcoal hibachi and you can fry, boil, etc. on one without any problems.

    1. Since "baking" in foil is really steaming, it's great for fish. A steamed potato is not a bad potato, it's just a steamed potato, which is very nearly a boiled potato. You do not get caramelization here. For me, score a potato deeply (~1/4") all around several times, to give a hashmarked look and bake until done. The scoring will caramelize and also let you take thebaked potato apart easily.

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        Would this work on a hibachi?

      2. i know this might be silly but there is a book (maybe two) on cooking in your car (while you are driving) that might be fun .. I've heard the guys who wrote it on the radio and if my memory serves they tell you how to cook meals under the hood while you are driving. I'd bet there are recipes for meatloaf and roast chicken.

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          i know a guy who cooked a brisket on the radiator or something while driving! he said it was pretty good!

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            There is a book called Manifold Destiny that explains how
            to cook food on your hot car engine. It's out of print and expensive.

            Manifold Destiny

            Here are some other web pages with info about cooking on your car engine.

            Cooking with your car

            Step-by-step car engine cooking

            How to cook on your car's engine

            Cooking great meals on your cars engine

            A little skill can feed the driver

        2. I would not do a habachi I would do a small gas barbque it is about the same size as a habachi but no mess. They are inexpensive but I would go with the higher priced ones they are more trouble free. Like a Weber I think they are like $75 and you have alot of options that way. Then just take a few small propane cylinders. You can cook evreything and put a sauce pan if you need to.

          1. How about a griddle or toaster over?