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Apr 12, 2008 10:29 AM

Vanilla Beans and Stock Cubes

Does anyone have suggestions on where i can get Vanilla Beans and beef stock cubes? I went to Treasure Island and found Vanilla beans..but baulked at the price of $6 for 2 pods. Is that the usual price? I've bought them for AU$12 for 6 beans in Sydney.

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  1. Try the Spice House on Wells St in Chicago or Central St. in Evanston or on line.

    Not what you paid in Australia, but better than Treasure Island.

    1. My local Costco had them last weekend. There were 2 vials with about 4 beans each. I don't remember the price offhand but I believe they were under $20.

      1. Where would you prefer to find them (which city neighborhood or suburban town)?

        1. I actually did visit the spice house and stocked up on my saffron and smoked salt among other things...i love that shop!

          however if anyone else is looking for vanilla beans in larger quantities i suggest they look online like i did. is where i got my beans...very well priced and the quality is excellent...