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Apr 12, 2008 10:18 AM

Lebanese or Armenian bakery

New to this board, new to Toronto.
I'm used to shopping at Adonis in Montreal for Lebanese goodies and I'm wondering if there is something similar in TO, accessible by subway. I'm especially craving Manakeesh, Fatayers and Katayef. I would also really appreciate a recommendation for an Armenian bakery, to get good Lahmahjoon. Thanks!

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  1. Not sure what area in the city you are in but the best Middle eastern Bakeries are Paramount in Mississauga, Arz Fine foods and bakery, and the Lebanese Bakery in Scarborough as well. They all have manakeesh, Fatayers and Katayef but Arz also has a supermarket attached. If you want really good Lebanese food Tabule restaurant in on Yonge and Davisville...I know they have knaffe for dessert.
    Hope this helps! I'm going to Montreal can you recomend a good Middle Eastern restaurant?

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      Thanks for the suggestions, I'll definitely try those.
      My turn to say I don't know which part of Montreal you'll be in or what type of food/restaurant you're looking for. Here are a few different ones:
      Byblos - 1499 Laurier East. Iranian - casual, not too pricey
      Le Petit Alep - 191 Jean Talon East. Syrian - always packed, really good food, not too pricey. Alep is just besides and is pricier, also very good
      Daou - 519 Faillon East. Lebanese - a bit pricier, althought it doesn't look like much.
      Boulangerie Arouch -917 Liege West. Armenian. Sandwiches and pastries to go, the best Lahmajoun

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        I am from Montreal aswell and miss marche Adonise alot.
        ARZ in scarborough... lawrence..east of vicpark is the closest thing to marche Adonise....

        also Paramount is great aswell.

    2. Patisserie Royale, nominally Syrian, has (by far) the best quality pastries. Arz, nominally Armenian, has the best selection. There are many other shops in the general Lawrence/Pharmacy/Vic Park/Warden area. Ararat on Avenue Rd has a good selection, but they don't bake there and it's not the same.

      1. Just for the record, anything in the Lawrence/Pharmacy/Vic Park/Warden area isn't accessible by subway. TTC accessible sure, but not subway.
        But this reminds me of something I've been meaning to ask - does anyone know the status of the Lebanese Bakery at Warden/Lawrence? The spot where it used to be appears to now just be selling pizza - the sign is totally different. However, there is now a Lebanese bakery on Birchmount, just north of Ellesmere, in a spot that used to be occupied by a coffee house called Dezzerts that closed a while ago. Does anyone know if they moved? With such a nondescript name, it's hard to know if it's THE Lebanese Bakery, or just A Lebanese Bakery.

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          I'm not aware of any good bakery of this genre that's directly accessible by subway.

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            I second the Patisserie Royale ...I forgot about it. I believe The Lebanese Bakery has moved to Birchmount and Ellesmere just north of it on the west side. I have to say it was quite impressive , really nice inside with a fire place and cafe area...the maneesh were amazing.

          2. There is a lot of selection around Warden and Lawrence, as indicated by the other posts. You can take the subway to Warden station and then take a bus for about 5-10 minutes. Check out Nasr's if you go, lots of yummy goodies and produce.

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              Don't know which side of the city you are on, but if you ever happen by Hamilton on a Saturday, head to the Farmer's Market downtown. There is a really good lebanese stall about 1/3 of the way down the ramp and he has excellent Lebanese goodies and brings in his traditional flat bread (the big flat ones, not pita) from Mtl. I desperately miss Adonis.....

            2. The original comment has been removed