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Apr 12, 2008 09:53 AM

Flemings Steakhouse

Has anyone ever eaten @ Flemings in Lincolnshire?

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  1. I haven't eaten at that one, but I have eaten at the original in Newport Beach CA. Fleming's is a chain in the mold of Ruth's Chris and other popular steak houses. Similar menu, prices, and quality, I'd say.

    BTW, Fleming's was created by Paul Fleming, who also created P(aul) F(leming) Chang's.

    1. Yes, I have about a dozen or so times. Good food. Nice atmosphere. Great service. It's got a nice steakhouse feel with contemporary music, which seems a bit welcoming to me. No problems with dietary limitations/allergens. We took a group of about 10 there once and they did a superb job.

      1. Used to frequent the location on Scottsdale Road in the Phoenix area years ago before they became part of the Outback empire. I found them to be better than Ruth’s Chris and enjoyed my meals there. I loved the Flemings Potatoes and their onion rings were about as good as any I have ever eaten. A move out of Phoenix caused me to not go for a few years and then, after having an opportunity I have eaten at locations in Houston, Chandler, Az and Tucson, Az as well as the one I used to go to and they are not quite as good as when we used to dine at the one I first went to before the takeover. I did not find their steaks to be of the same consistent quality. Still I would rate them better than Ruth’s Chris. I think it depends a lot who manages the restaurant as I find the same inconsistency between different Outback locations as well.