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Apr 12, 2008 09:49 AM

OYSTERS, concrete shucking bar S. FL??

I've searched the threads trying to find a place like Lee and Rick's in Orlando. There you can get a bucket of oysters to your liking (steamed or raw) shucked right in front of you while you eat. SO GOOD!!! I'm new to this area (Ft. Lauderdale) and would LOVE to find a place like this here! Chowhound always points me in the right direction, thanks again!!

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  1. jenmoore, I couldn't have said it better.I have been looking for the Oyster houses that I have seen in Savannah & the Charleston South Carolina area. My gang have been buying and shucking our own (with complimentary beers) for years. I haven't seen such a thing in south Florida. I will watch with waiting arms also.

    1. When I used to go the Tark's on Hollywood Blvd. (decades ago, I think that location is long gone) they used to shuck oysters right at the counter. There's still the original location in Dania.

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        I'll definitely look into it, thank you!

      2. The Whale in Parkland has great seafood and oysters. They shuck them near you at the bar. They have great prices as well. I believe a dozen oysters are $10 and on Sundays (during football season, anyway) they had 50 cent oysters and clams.

        They also have a sister restaurant (Whale's Rib) in Deerfield Beach. I've never had their oysters there, but I'm sure they're good too.