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Apr 12, 2008 09:48 AM

Should we try Angelo&Maxies for dinner?

There will be 12 of us, celebration dinner, ages 20-60. What do you think, Anywhere else like it or should we stick with it?

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  1. And you are picking Angelo & Maxie's for what reason? Location? Budget? The steaks are quite good though not of the caliber one gets at a top-tier steakhouse. Our last time there was several years ago, we were a group of 7, and the noise was at such a hideously high level that conversation around our table was close to impossible.

    If location and cost are not an issues, I'd suggest our favorite steakhouse, Keens. It's been in its 36th St. location since 1885, so there is the charm of unmatchable Old NY ambiance. Delicious food, excellent service, and a conversation-friendly noise level.

    1. For a large celebratory dinner, Angelo and Maxie's is great. The food and service are consistently good. It's also relatively quite inexpensive for the quality and quantity of the food.

      Before I get killed by other 'hounds, let me prefice that with the fact that I eat steak on a regular basis (2-3 times a month). Thus, I've been to pretty much all the greats at least 5 times and have had varying experiences at each. Keen's is actually the one I have not been to. Here's my best of NY steak list:

      1. Dylan Prime (Tribeca) - great apps, great steaks, great dessert (try the peanut butter pie), great service.
      2. Del Friscos - private rooms for large parties, amazing food.
      3. Strip House - great ambiance, great food.
      4. STK - great food, from apps to sides and steaks (probably too trendy for the upper end of the age spectrum you mention). Though delicious, portions are not hearty.
      5. Sparks - old time mafioso appeal, great steak and lobster
      6. Wolfgangs - great porterhouse, but very loud, crowded. Service also not great. Crowd is all business.
      7. BLT Prime/Steak - both food and service vary wildly (I sat waiting for my check at BLT Prime for over an hour, even after speaking with manager twice). It's also expensive. Pre-meal popovers are absolutely delectable
      8. Peter Lugers - zero ambiance, service is deplorable. Porterhouse is good... but I like Wolfgangs better. Seems to have seriously slipped in past few years.
      9. Primehouse - trendy, but not too much so. Large menu - tableside caesar salad preparation is impressive. Their "premier" steak, the bone-in filet, is extremely bland and disappointing, hence my low rating.
      10. Old Homestead - great for a group of all men. Service is very slow.