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Apr 12, 2008 09:41 AM

Lunch at Finz, Dedham

We were looking for fresh oysters and other seafood, affordably, outside Boston, and were very very pleased with our lunch at Finz off Rt. 128 IN Dedham for lunch. Only one kind of oyster, but fresh and brimming with brinygoodness. After sharing a dozen we could only imagine a little more food so shared the blackened catfish tostada with guac and sheep's milk cheese (manchego), It was TERRIFIC, with shades of California fish tacos. It was so fresh, and the catfish hot and spicy and in abundance. We strongly recommend this place. It's clean, designed like a good fish house, and has an amazing huge salt water fist tank also.

We can't wait to go back for dinner. There is an extensive menu and something for nearly every taste. Quite a find. Thanks to whomever on Chowhound first headed us in this direction.


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  1. Thanks for reporting back! I'd only been there twice, and was a bit concerned that I might have just gotten lucky with the oysters, so I'm glad they were delicious.

    When I was there I also had the fried oysters. The fry was very light, and the oysters retained their succulence and flavor.

    1. I've had both lunch and dinner at Finz in Dedham over the last two weeks, and have really enjoyed it. They have a lunch special for $9.99 that includes two courses [basically chowder/soup or salad and one of several mains] or you can order off the regular lunch menu. The chowder got such good reports that some was ordered to go to take home for another time. Last night at dinner, the bluefish, the surf and turf [steak tips and a scallop/shrimp skewer], the rainbow trout, and the scallops all were enjoyed by my party. Service was very good and they didn't rush us out the door after we finished. I recommend it.

      1. I've been there for lunch several times and have never been disappointed. Had the littlenecks last time. Very sweet and fresh. Service excellent.