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Apr 12, 2008 09:30 AM

ISO Puy Lentils

I would like to be able to get these dark blue-green beauties east of Yonge St. I know the French version is pricey (the only lentils with their own AOC) but the same variety is grown in Saskatchewan. Any advice?

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  1. Two ways you can go. They are available packaged in the many high end shops in town, retailing for somewhere around 7$ per 500g. Many many places, such as Pusateri's, Whole Foods, Harvest Wagon etc.

    Or, you can buy them in bulk for a small fraction of the cost. Either in the basement of St. Lawrence market, or many of the bulk vendors of Kensington.

    1. I believe they sell them in bulk at The Big Carrot.

      1. Not exactly Toronto but this sprouting website based in Saskatchewan seems to have them - look under "french green lentils" - you can email the owner to ensure these are what you're looking for - all orders over $25 have free shipping

        1. Loblaws sells NuPak brand, Saskatchewan grown "French Dupuy Lentils". They are $0.99 for a 450g bag. The first time I saw these I was surprised at the price. The bag doesn't indicate where they are grown, so I phoned the Shah Trading Co (parent of NuPak) and a very helpful person in customer service confirmed these are Saskatchewan grown lentils.

          I've never tried true Puy lentils, so I can't say how they compare. The NuPak Dupuy lentils are tiny and blue-green, and they made a great lentil salad. I'd definitely buy them again.

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            We get the NuPak lentils at Pete's Frootique in Halifax and find they make a very respectable saucisses lentilles. They're perhaps not as good as AOC lentils we brought back from Le Puy-en-Velay, but I don't believe there was ever much volcanic activity in Saskatchewan.

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              NuPak is a widely available brand, but my local Loblaw doesn't have this type of lentil. I'm encouraged, however, and I'll keep looking, or contact Shah, for a location. If Pete sells them, they must be good!
              Apparently Saskatchewan has ideal lentil growing conditions, cool spring and early fall, similar to Le Puy AOC, without the mountains!