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Apr 12, 2008 09:08 AM

Bean paste at Joung Kak

I think that the bean paste is what makes Joung Kak's food so good. In efforts to replicate it at home, I tried several brands and nothing comes close. Soliciting advice at the local Korean grocery store hasn't helped. All brands that I have tried are salty, whereas what I'm looking for is more on the sweet side.

Does anyone know what I should be looking for?

Thanks for advice.

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  1. Are you talking about the red bean paste, black bean paste or the brown bean paste? If it's a spicy red bean paste (gochujang) that Joung Kak uses that you are trying to replicate, you might want to add honey. Honey is use in alot of Korean recipes to sweeten things up without overpowering the taste of the dish. When I mix up gochujang at home, I do lots of red bean paste, some sesame oil, a little bit of honey (to balance out the saltiness), chopped up green onions and sesame seeds. Mix it all up and you'll have a great dipping sauce.

    1. you need to be looking for the right stuff...

      Gochujang is red chili pepper paste... Doenjang is soybean paste (like miso)... what you are probably looking for is what's called Ssamjang (it's a mixture of gochujang, dwenjang, and other spices). Ssamjang is a nice balance and is what's served at Korean BBQ places.