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Apr 12, 2008 08:40 AM

Best bread basket? (not served with butter)

Hi. I was at Becco this past week and they serve their bread with a bean dip doused with olive. Gemma has olive oil (and fresh baked flat bread). Angelica has various vegan dips for their bread.

What places in Manhattan have the best bread baskets, not served with butter?


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  1. Daniel has an interesting combination of breads served with a specialty spread made in-house. Are you vegan? Or just looking for something more interesting than butter? Because Popover Cafe has lovely strawberry butter with their basket, so it would satisfy the desire to try things other than plain butter, but is not vegan. Also, Sarabeth's bread basket is divine, and their preserves are outstanding. I like the CPS location. The tomato bread at Spring Street Natural is awesome, and they do have different spread/dips on the menu, although they don't come-with. BUT- dipping that tomato bread into their vegan corn chowder is delicious.

    1. Apizz serves it's bread w/ricotta and tomato sauce. Del Posto has a great bread basket with different spreads (I believe one is lardo... I don't remember). Blaue Gans serves bread w/a cheese spread. Mia Dona has a good variety of breads in its bread basket that also includes a head of roasted garlic that can be rubbed on the bread.

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        I agree with apizz and Del Posto. If i remember correctly del posto's is served with both butter and lardo, and of course the right choice is to reach right for the lardo.

      2. A few places came to mind, but the best I got (other than the lardo from Del Posto) was from Sfoglio. Both the bread and the olive oil were of excellent quality. I just wish their food was as good (I had only been there once, so may be it was an off night)

        I also like the bread and olive oil dipping at A Voce.

        Lupa has focaccio bread with olive oil dip, better than the cold bread served with olive oil at Babbo.

        I recalled Alto serving some great bread with olive oil, but I haven't been there for ages...

        BLT Prime had these wonderful cheese popovers. Technically not really bread, but they were so darn good~

        1. Primitivo on West 14th Street has a really good bread basket. Ditto North Square on Washington Square Park.