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Apr 12, 2008 08:27 AM

Good food near Sac Airport

I have an 8:30 PM flight out of Sacramento airport and I would love to know a good Mexican Restaurant or other kind of easy but tasty early dinnner location there off of I-5 in North Sacramento.

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  1. Tuk Tuk Thai. North Natomas.

      1. Downtown Sac is really just a short drive to the airport, if you are heading there around 7-7:30pm. As is Davis or Woodland. Considering those areas would really expand your options.

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          Lots of good Mexican food in Woodland if the OP is willing to drive.

          1. re: souvenir

            OK, what are the good mexican restaurants in Woodland?

          2. This is going to sound ridiculous...but, here goes...
            We found really good Mexican at a Shell station just outside of the Arco Arena area. It was as though a permanent taco truck had opened inside the station. We had really good tacos, but's been a few years, now that I think about it. You might check out the Blue Gecko on Garden Hwy. and don't go to Chevy's....

            1. La Fiesta Taqueria should fit the bill in North Natomas and is only 13 minutes from the airport, according to Google Maps.

              La Fiesta Taqueria
              4740 Natomas Blvd, Sacramento, CA