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Apr 12, 2008 08:20 AM

Where to get Merguez sausage in austin

Anyone know where I can find merguez sausage? I have gone to Whole Foods and Central Market without luck

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  1. Possibly Spec's. Their website shows they carry it in their Houston store. We've had the Spec's on Brodie order a deli meat for us that they carried in another store, so if you don't need it immediately, that might be an option. (It only took a few days.) Also depends on the employee you talk to. Some are infinitely more helpful than others. I'd call and ask for the deli manager to see if they'll do it.

    1. Whole Foods downtown have some, but not all the time. Talk to the guy behind the counter, especially the one with a mustache he is very proud and knowledgeable about it.

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        Whole Foods Downtown sells merguez, just call ahead to request some made if they don't. Central Market sells some too, although they are inconsistent. If you call ahead there too, I'd bet they could make some for you there as well.