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Apr 12, 2008 07:48 AM

attn: CO booze-hounds, tipsy's (littleton, co) is open

and it is huge! prices, well, they are o.k. at first blush, they don't seem to be much lower than applejack's, etc. but of course they are having a lot of teaser sales right now... so that might be worth a gander.

they have a very large wine selection, though I didn't have a whole lot of time to browse.. and what looks like a nice wine tasting area, I am assuming they will have events, etc. the deli looked ok. but nothing much tempted me (but I wasn't really in the market for noshing that day).

didn't get too much info on my first visit as it was opening day and the clerks were pleasant and trying hard, but generally clueless... they swipe everyone's ID at check-out and everyone was coming up as beng born in 1990, and thus ineligible for purchases... luckily doing it the old-fashioned way and actually looking at my driver's license worked as well... and the credit card machines were not working consistently either.

anyway, I definitely need to go back in a week or so when they've got the bugs worked out... and when I have more time to wander.

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  1. Where is this Tipsy's located?

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    1. I stopped for gas right next door yesterday afternoon and the parking lot was packed. It looked like they were doing some significant business...might be worth stopping to check it out, I guess.

      1. stopped in again last night around 9pm, scored a 750 of grey goose for $20.69 (on sale of course, reg. price was around $26. The store was deserted...

        After a little more browsing, beer selection is pretty weak.. for all that space you'd think they'd have more... pathetic selection of sparkling wine... but good selection of domestic wine & seemingly random selection of foreign (though I must admit to being more familiar with domestic wines).

        the wine bar was hopping (ahem, or at least as much as you can call a place "hopping" in littleton). had very bad 80's music playing, but it was crowded and loud... had much more of a "bar" like atmosphere than a tasting room... unfortunately, I didn't have any time to stop in for drink... but I might need to take another peek. Unfortunately, they don't have anything useful like a website that would give you an idea of hours, menus, etc.

        1. Sidebar: Heard a promo on a radio station that stated that "Lukas Liquors has the lowest everyday prices in Denver" and I felt like... bullcrap! Applejack or Davidson's appear to me to be the best deals in town. Perhaps Lukas has changed their pricing structure but I know I always spend more there than I do at the other two spots. I buy things in consistent patterns so I have more of a commodity approach. I know what things cost to the dollar for things I buy reguarly. I've also found very good deals without a drive at "Keg Liquors" on Colorado and Yale (attached to the RiteAid pharamacy).

          BTW, Davidson's has a sister store way up north off I-25 called Daveco.

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            Thanks for the tip on Keg Liquors. Never would've thought to check in there for deals. (I'm partial to Reserve List and Morgan's, though; they have not steered me wrong, though they may be pricier.)