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Apr 12, 2008 07:41 AM

Ideale or Trattoria Contadina

We'll be going to BBB this weekend and only want to park the car once.
Looking for good pasta and not too noisy. My friend wants to go to Moose's since it will be closing.
I would rather wait until May when the new owners get it up and running with more family style dinning. Your thoughts?

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  1. If the weather is like last night's, I would opt for Caffe Puccini if all you want is pasta and a glass of wine/beer, especially if you can grab a table outside. Great pasta plates, and you can't beat sidewalk seating in this weather. Plenty of other places with sidewalk tables, too. Balmy weather (rare as it is) is very becoming to the Columbus Avenue ambience.

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      Just to clarify I meant we'll be in the City next weekend the 19th. Thanks for the rec and we'd be having a full dinner.

    2. We're from Chicago and ate at Trattoria Contadina last week. Very dissapointed after it being recommended by several frineds in San Francisco. Very average food, nothing special. My veal was overcooked, and tasted like something I could have made at home.