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Apr 12, 2008 07:35 AM

taking the Staten Island Ferry

Any suggestions for lunch on the Staten Island side, walking distance from the ferry?

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  1. Cargo Cafe for bar food right on Bay; Polish Place & Panaderia La Mixteca Poblana are up Victory a couple of blocks...

    1. Ruddy & Dean is really close to the ferry, practically across the street. Had a decent lunch there once; comfortable dining area and nice (though expensive) bar. The outdoor deck may be open since the weather's nice; great harbor view.

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        There's also Enoteca Maria on Hyatt St., also very close. I cannot remember if they're open for lunch though. Web is

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          good suggestion, though I'm not sure about their hrs of operation, either.and they are on the high side, price wise.
          I think if I had to choose one I would probably have to go with Flaco's rec of the Polish Place. Their food is so good and so reasonable.

          1. re: Tay

            I certainly agree about the Polish Place. I've had great food from there (usually we take it out rather than eating right there...a nice dining room it is, though). I just wanted to suggest a couple of places really close to the ferry as I wasn't sure how far OP wanted to walk.

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              Very good idea :-}

      2. Beso on Schuyler Street (next to court house) for tapas/Spanish cusine.

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          another good idea. Are they open for lunch?

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                Guys don't laugh but Beso is owned by an Albanian! The menu is interesting but it's really just another in a long line of faux tapas bars. Lunch menu is reasonable... haven't sampled enough to say more.

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                  I was told it was owned by the same guy as Bayou. Is this the Albanian in question, or was that bs?

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                    Too bad he/she didn't open an Albanian restaurant :-},

          1. Lot of decent Sri Lankan joints around this area - one of my faves is Lakruwana, right on Bay St near where Victory begins. There's also a Honduran restaurant there that I haven't had a chance to try, but perhaps that will help with my hankering for baleadas.

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              Yeah Honduras Patio, I'll try to go today. Regarding Beso, it does make more sense that the Bayou would be involved, I asked a waitress and she said the owner was Albanian... a partnership perhaps? Had some jerk from Top Chef Jamaican right there on Corson... righteous.

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                  Hmmm... string katthu hoppers, black curry with pork. Sadly, I forget everything we sampled that evening, but we ordered most of the menu. (And I have to admit the only time I've been to that location was on my birthday, which was preceded and proceeded by heavy drinking on the Staten Island Ferry.)

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                    It's been a while since I've been there, but I enjoyed the food. Once I ordered off the menu; another time I had the buffet -- which was not a bargain for me since I'm a vegetarian. As with many buffets, the offerings were more pedestrian than the a la carte items. Sorry, can't remember the individual dishes. Lakruwana is a chain, by the way; don't they have restaurants in the other boroughs?

                    There was a Sri Lankan place called Sunshine on Victory near Corson...tiny storefront that was really too small for a restaurant. I thought their food was better, but they're no longer around. Or maybe they moved.

                    1. re: comestible

                      If you take a right on Castleton coming up Victory you'll see a tiny Sri Lankan place on your left... that's new, correct?

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                        It's been there a while. I got something for take-out there, but I don't know the cuisine well, and it turned out to be nothing much more than a tasteless rice ball. I should go back. It's not inviting for sit-down, so I'd stick to take-out.

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                        I actually liked the food at Lakruwana better than that at New Asha or New Sunshine. Again - that may be the beer talking, but I remember the flavors being quite bold and everything was well cooked. Meals I had at New Asha and New Sunshine were hit or miss. In fact - the next best Sri Lankan I've had in the city was at Sigiri on 2nd Ave near 6th, though I found the black curry at Lakruwana to be *much* better. I haven't been to the one up in Curry Hill yet, though ...

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                          Thanks for your recs. However (news flash) I was riding my bike past the Lakruwana location yesterday and noticed that the restaurant's name had changed! I was too busy watching traffic to give it more than a glance, but it's not Lakruwana anymore, though it may still be Sri Lankan.

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                            I visited SanRasa (the new restaurant in Lakruwana's place) for lunch yesterday and found it very good. A friend and I had different vegetarian curries, and they were both very good. He had the regular veg. curry with the molded rice/coconut, and it had an intriguing spice to it. Mine (which had a name something like Nawarathan) was also very good. Each was $10. We also had a salt lassi and a mango lassi.

                            Service was a little bit slow (getting the waiter's attention) but the food itself was worth the cooking time. Everything seemed freshly prepared and very tasty.

                            They seem to be following Lakruwana's lead, with a buffet on Sat. or Sun. and a takeout menu that is more limited than the sit-down menu.

                            Maybe this should have been a new Sri Lankan thread...