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Apr 12, 2008 07:33 AM

Monday arrival in Paris (is everything closed??)

in the past we arrive on a Monday in Paris to find many restaurants closed.
Staying on Rue Verneuil (6/7th). Any suggestions for a jet lagged couple. Will be eating at Le Timbre, Aux Lyonnais and L'Ami Jean later in the week.

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  1. It's been far too long since I've been in Paris, but the street name caught my eye as we stayed in a little hotel there. There's a Vietnamese restaurant on that street called Tan Dinh, that was wonderful, and appears to be open on Mondays. Great wine list, was cash only when I went. I'm sure local hounds will chime in w/ other ideas - and whether this place is still good.

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      Some small bistrots are closed on Monday, yes. But you can always head down to Montparnasse where you'll find lots of busy brasseries on Blvd. Montparnasse open every day. I suggest La Rotonde (M°: Vavin). You will find a brasserie the best option, since you can have a bite at almost any hour which will be convenient since you'll be kind of jet lagged (as you say) the first day.

      Another option is walk over to Place de l'Ecole Militaire and have a bite in one of the café/brasseries there.

      Also, in Saint-Germain-des-Prés lots of places will be open, but some not until dinner time.

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        Saw this report on Tan Dinh - - not so great - wanted to make sure you saw it.

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          On our last visit to Tan Dinh, three dishes were superb and one was a miss (too long in the fridge is my guess). The chef/owner is not the most friendly fellow either; but they won't press you to order a full meal. Try Le Bistro De Paris, on rue Lille. It's open for lunch only on Mondays and they don't close at 2:30, like most bistros. Prix-fixe is 14E; a good deal.

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            Is the father still there? I remember years ago how kind and friendly he was - helpful w/ wine selection, and so gracious with a young American couple who seemed to me to be students and were a bit at sea with what to order etc.

      2. I looked into a similar thing for my Paris trip last year and I believe Brasserie Balzar (on rue des Ecoles) is open everyday from 8am - midnight (that is what it currently says on their website).

        1. May I suggest the old fashioned and enjoyable Aux Charpentiers on rue, Mabillon which is close to you and open every day. I think the address is 10. Do not make the horrible mistake that I did, and walk into the vile Italian restaurant next door. Nuff said.

          1. Mondays can be a bit tough. Not TOO far from you is Tante Marguerite. Pretty good food. Burgundian. Reasonable prices.