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Apr 12, 2008 07:03 AM

Peasant for dinner tonight

Thanks to the hounds, I know that I should expect an menu written in Italian. I have looked at the menu, and although there are certain things I can figure out, Most I cannot. I don't like surprise ingredients in my food at a restaurant where the menu is in English, so am a little wary. Does the waiter/waitress really explain all the dishes to you? Or just what you ask about? We're meeting 4 friends, so it will probably involve a lot of explaining.

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  1. I feel like last time I was there the menus included some english, though that may just have been downstairs. Either way the waiter will be more than happy to go through the whole menu for you (in fact, they're so used to it you usually have to tell them not to if you do read italian), and its not that long and most dishes are straight forward without 20 different ingredients so it doesn't take that long. As far as recommendations go, the goat lasagna is amazing.

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      I was there in Feb. The menu was still written all in Italian, but as scanditrash said, the waitress doesn't even ask if you need it translated, she only asks if it's your first time there, and when you say that it is, she launches straight into translating the menu for you, but it doesn't take that long, and as has been mentioned, the ingredients are pretty straight-forward. IMO, nothing to worry about. Go and have a great time, I'm looking forward to going back soon.

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        Thanks. Did you know that they allow you to bring your own wine, and pay a corkage? With your log-in, I figured that you might be interested in that. If you did know, do you have any favorites that don't mind you bringing your own? The friends we go with, who also have a huge wine collection at home like we do, don't like to pay for wine out, even though money is not an issue for them.

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          Actually, I didn't know that. Thanks for letting me know, we may do that next time we're there. As far as any other places in the city that allow you to bring your own, someone else more familiar with those restaurants will have to chime in for you. I live up in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut, so I'm not in the city as frequently as others, but do try to get there as often as possible.

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            We've brought our own wines at Peasant before. Iirc, $20 per bottle corkage fee.
            Stems are OK, but not the desirable kind if one is bringing high-end wines.

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              Actually, I believe it was $30 corkage.

      2. It may be too late for this, but if they have an heirloom tomato and bread salad on the menu, it is simply delicious. My kind of rustic food.

        The pizza is an excellent appetizer, shared.

        1. There was no heirloom tomato salad, and no English on the menu. We also where not too crazy about it. It was not crazy expensive, but not cheap eats either. I am actually still trying to figure out how it came to what it did for 6. What I didn't like was the service. The appetizers were brought out almost immediately, then there was a long wait for the entrees. When we were finished with the entrees, we were talking, and they came and scooped up all plates and wine glasses, even those that still had wine in them, without asking. My husband had the steak, and had left half of it over to take home. It was too late before he realized what was happening. The food was good but definitely not great. I did not have the suckling pig, just was not in the mood to try it, but not sure what I was expecting it to be, but not a mound of meat on the plate, so it had not appealed to me. Did have the bocconcini, which was good, but I had a spectacular version of the same dish at one of our local restaurants on LI. It was a special, which we only saw there once, but very memorable. The menu was rather limiting too. Also, if you have a table of 6, they add the tip for you. I'm an adult, I think I can figure out what I should give as a tip.

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            I'm not surprised about them not having the tomato salad this time of year - I've been of two minds about trying this place - a lot of neg. reviews, and then the guys at DiPalo rave about it (I think they know the Peasant folks though ....).

          2. I wasn't sure either if they would have the salad never know...

            No excuse for brusque or rude service either.

            As for the tip being included for parties of six, sorry to say that is more and more the norm.