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Apr 12, 2008 05:51 AM

Mosaic, St. James, LI-a gem!

We discovered a restaurant in St. James, LI, called Mosaic. What a gem. It is a small, cozy restaurant with wonderfully constructed dishes and big flavor. Top notch service and attention to detail. For example, the butter has black salt drizzled on the top to go along with the addictive rolls. The appetizers are serious dishes that are big enough to be entrees. The appetizers we've had are: sea scallops with carrot, perrerchini, cancetta, pressed yogurt and brown sugar vinaigrette - absolutely delicious! My husband had berkshire pork rillettes with triple creme cow's milk chees, pickled vegetables and grilled bread. He stopped short of licking the plate clean. The romaine salad is far from boring. It has diced fresh banana, black beans, manzinilla olive, lime cilantro, grilled tortiall and garrotxa cheese all together in a big bowl. For entrees, the seafood paella is presented in a non-traditional way, with the seafood on the plate separated from the rice. It is a generous portion of seafood, langostino, big shrimps, scallops, mussels, clams, chorizo, saffron rice. As hard as I tried, I couldn't finish the dish. My friend has the grilled duck breask, crisp leg confit with winter vegetables, fruit bastilla, fois gras camebert fondue & pistachio - excellent! All the dishes are plated beautifully. This restaurant is a keeper for serious foodies and for those who just like good food. I loved how they actually gift wrapped the leftovers for us, in brown paper, tied it up with a bow with butcher string and put their card on top. Check it out:

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  1. Thanks for your comprehensive report. It sounds great. We always look for places to meet friends who live in the Port Jeff area, and this seems like it's a winner.

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    1. re: robinsilver

      Oscar's in St. James is another winner too. It's about 5 minutes from Mosic.

      1. re: synergy

        We've been there twice actually. Would you say that Mosaic is at least as good as Oscar's?

        1. re: robinsilver

          Oh yes! I'd actually give it a notch up from Oscar's cooking-wise. Their dishes are more creative. If you like Oscar's, try Mosaic.

    2. where did the server that was in culinary school go? the cheese guy