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Apr 12, 2008 05:48 AM

Tables for 9 a problem in Paris?

We have a small group of 9 traveling to Paris. I am assuming that we should not even attempt larger tables, instead asking for two smaller tables. Even at home I do not like the difference in quality of service with larger tables.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to best handle making restaurant reservations with 9 adults. I am the self appointed leader and can use some help. We are staying in the 12e and have just four nights.

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  1. For this groupsize, i would without hesitation go for a lunch at Pierre Gagnaire or Guy Savoy (105 and 100€ the lunch menu). You'll enjoy a 3* experience for a sweet price. I've never been to Savoy while i've been a couple of times recently to Gagnaire. FYI, Gagnaire has a great wine list proposing first bottles around the 40-50€... quite interesting for such level of restaurants. You'll enjoy a great service, unique food (Gagnaire is unique...) and a great time in a private dining room with direct view on the kitchen.

    As said in a separate post, you can check some reviews here :