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Apr 12, 2008 03:07 AM

Where to find salak, mamoncillo (and other exotic fruit) in LA?

Anyone have any ideas where I can find fruits like salak (snake fruit), mangostan, breadfruit, cherimoya, durian, rambutan, zapote, cloudberries, dragon fruit, feijoa, jackfruit...

I'd also love to find some mamoncillo. They were sold in every street corner in Miami (well, Hialeah and Little Havana anyway). I also miss some good mamey and papaya and guanabana and guava and tamarindo.

And I'd love to find some Florida (or Caribbean) avocados. The tiny black things out here don't comapre IMO.

I'm sure many are too perishable to export, and there are seasonal considerations, but you never know...


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  1. OK.

    Just found a thread covering mangosteens:

    Maybe there's someplace a little more central for some of the less obscure and difficult to find?

    Tien Phat Produce
    9291 Bolsa Ave, Westminster, CA 92683

    1. You'll have to go to multiple shops to find this stuff. Of course, I don't think you'll find everything you used to find in Miami. There was a farmer down there in Homestead who grew nothing but exotic fruits and kept the supply local -- we're not that fortunate.

      For cherimoya, go to a farmers market. They're just coming into season right now.

      For jackfruit, durian, mangosteen, and other souteast asian fruits, check out one of the Vietnamese grocery stores in Little Saigon or a 99 Ranch Market in SGV.

      For feijoia, guavas, papaya, and tamarindo, you can look at a farmers market or check out a produce store like Marina Farms in Mar Vista.

      Whole Foods has tamarind and they sometimes have some other exotic fruits.

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