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Apr 12, 2008 02:06 AM

Teatro Zinzanni

for those you've been there, what do you think of the food, entertainment, etc. ? Is it worth the price? A few relatives are coming to visit from vancouver bc and I just happened to chance upon their website, so was wondering if it's a good choice taking the visitors there..

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  1. Can't vouch for the one in seattle, but I went to the one in San Fransisco - We had a great time. Food was good and the entertainment was fabulous. it *was* very pricy -- I guess you'd have to weigh your options. Think about the price of going to dinner and seeing a show.

    1. I saw it in Seattle in December. I loved it. The food was really good, and the entertainment was really great. I honestly wish I could go more often, but it is pretty expensive.

      1. I've been the last two Christmas seasons for Christmas parties. In 2006, the food was basically inedible, but the show was sort of fun, if you don't mind people yelling at you for taking a cell phone out of your pocket before showtime. Last Christmas the food was better, but still nothing special, but the show was really boring. The 2006 show had an actual storyline, which saved it, but the 2007 show did not have one, it was just like a serious of acts that had basically nothing to do with one another.

        I, personally, would skip it (I only go because it's a work Christmas party, so not exactly optional, and someone else is picking up the tab). It's way too expensive, the food is alternately horrendous and barely passable, and the show is so-so. If it were up to me, I'd never, ever, go again.

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          I thought the main woman was hysterical and the other acts were amazing. The acrobats were incredible, the woman who sang opera was great, and I didn't think i liked opera. I don't know if El Vez is in this production, but I loved him in the holiday one. I just wish he was in the show more. The only criticism I have is that you have to eat pretty fast. I didn't really feel like I could keep my plate if I wasn't done eating when the servers came around to collect plates. However, I didn't eat everything and I was pretty full after dessert.

        2. The entertainment is superb - although you WILL be offended if you are at the very least conservative. Not for young children or church-going grandmas.

          The food is nothing to write home about. Ignore the Tom Douglas name dropping that they do. It's strictly cafeteria-quality food. But most people are too plastered by the time the food gets to them to notice. Although I did like the pumpkin-based soup very much.

          1. I'm sorry, but I don't see how the entertainment could be interpreted as the least bit "boring". It's a great vaudeville-style show with enough variety to keep most anyone entertained. Maybe the schtick they do for corporations who buy out the place for their Christmas party is stale. I don't know. I went with my mother and we had a fantastic time - the food was better than cafeteria but not like you would go there just to eat - it's definitely about the show. I've been dying to go back. My face hurt from laughing and smiling so much. Take them.

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              To each his own. Clearly lots of people love this show (although I have yet to actually meet in person *anyone* who has loved this show who wasn't completely drunk) otherwise it wouldn't still be in business. I found the storyline (when there is one) boring, the acting and singing generally sub-par (there are some exceptions, but not many). It may come down to whether you like or are familiar with that type of singing (example, I thought the opera singer absolutely butchered her performances, but then, I do love opera). The humor wasn't to my taste - I'm not a prude, but it was incredibly dumbed down and almost painfully uncomfortable at times. The acrobatics are cool, but I've seen much, much better. My favorite part of the whole show are the ribbon performers. To me, the totality of the experience was boring in that it failed to hold my attention throughout and halfway through I can't wait for it to end. It's a very long night, the food's not good, you can't really talk to the people you're with, so if the show doesn't hold your attention, it's excruciating.