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Apr 11, 2008 11:47 PM

James Joyce Irish Pub

I stopped in to the 4th Street location last night to find it equipped with several flat screen tv's and it was now a sports bar! The waitress told us that it had been sold. My favourite spot for a quiet bite with a decent glass of wine and fine Irish music sometimes. Is the downtown location also changed? Calgary.

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  1. The pub is actually called the Joyce on 4th and is part of Calgary's Best Pubs group. As far as I know it has never been affiliated with the James Joyce. Also, as long as I have lived in Mission, it has always had the TVs. Sometimes it plays early morning rugby and Premier League soccer, as well they organize packages to sporting events ( a pretty fun way to see the Flames). It is affiliated with Limerick's and a few other pubs. I am pretty sure it has not just been sold, because they still seem to be affiliated with Limerick's and are still sharing buses to the Saddledome for sporting events. The wait staff always seems to be a bit clueless there!

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      Well, there are several more tv's now and the stage area for singing is gone. The waitress told us it had just been sold. I thought that Joyce on 4th was affiliated with the James Joyce downtown, I guess not. I have always found the staff at Joyce on 4th quite good, actually. Menu and wine list has changed somewhat, too.

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        This might be old info but, originally at least, both were owned by the same group.

      2. By way of some backgroud, Gerard and Ann Curran opened the James Joyce Pub on Stephen Ave. Mall about 10 years ago (man, I'm getting old). They subsequently expanded and opened the Joyce on Fourth about five years ago. As I understand it, they sold the Joyce on Forth to the Limereck Group within the last year and so they only have their original pub on Stephan Ave. Mall.
        The Joyce on Fourth now has been turned into a Sports Bar with plenty of Big Screen TV's and has completely lost its old Irish charm.
        If one wants a good pint of Guinesss in a traditional Irish Pub setting then one should stick with the original James Joyce on Stephen Ave. Mall.

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          I was there about a month ago and it still the Irish-pub feeling, but now, you're right, it's just another sports bar.