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Apr 11, 2008 09:40 PM

Rosie Pho and Other New 1890 Ranch Restaurants

Is Rosie Pho and the other 1890 Ranch Restaurant in Cedar Park that is Japanese I can't remember the name of any good? Both have other restaurants in the area. When are they expected to open anyone know?

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  1. I live close to 1890 Ranch. Thanks for the heads-up. I'll go check it out this weekend!

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      They are not open yet as far as I know but they have other restaurants in Austin are they any good?

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        I have been to the other Rosie's Pho over by Grapevine Market in RR, I really like it, there spring rolls are always fresh and good and I love the seafood soup, they put some crisp onions in it, to give a nice flavor.

        At the 1890 Ranch, they have lots of new rest. popping up and they will be opening a Nothing Bundt Cake place, they were big in Las Vegas when I lived there, everyone loved them....

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          Cool I was hoping they were also going to put in a Borders bookstore but I guess they went Bankrupt. I definitely am looking forward to eating there once they open.

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            We were at 1890 ranch today and the Nothing Bundt Cake place is open now and they have samples, they were heavenly,
            We also bought a minature one for dessert tonight, Cinnamon Swirl, fantastic!

    2. I think the Japanese restaurant that you're referring to is Hayashi Sushi & Grill. I believe there is one in Georgetown in the Wolf Ranch shopping center. My hubby and I checked out the CP location a couple weeks ago. He's the sushi eater; I'm not. He thoroughly enjoyed the sushi that he ordered. I apologize that I cannot recall what he sampled. I had the Mango Chicken. Very tasty. I'm not normally a mango fan, but as it was heated slightly with the chicken it brought out the sweetness in the fruit, much to my delight. The only negative of the experience was that they did not have a full dessert menu that night. Something about their pastry chef not being settled in yet. The few dessert offerings that were offered did not appeal to me. I believe they have a lunch menu and a children's menu, as well. Based on everything else we will go back.

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        Taste of 1890 Ranch is this Sat. 10-6.

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          1. I really, really like Rosie's Pho, especially their bulgoki and Bun. Ingredients are really fresh and yummy.

            My husband has problems with their rice - both steamed and fried - he says it is too mushy.

            Also, their ordering process needs work - it's a huge menu and you have to go in and stand in line, place your order while the lady struggles with inputting the order on a huge screen, then you pay and sit down with a number.

            There are a lot of signs up that say they're hiring, and it doesn't feel like they have 'hit their stride' yet on their system - common for new businesses opening up in 1890s Ranch, unfortunately. BUT I love the food so I keep going back. Hoping they'll get the kinks worked out (for example, the first time we went, they ran out of metal forks so we had to use plastic) within the next few weeks.

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              I love the Rosie by Grapevine market, I went in during taste of 1890 ranch and they were way to busy, like you said the new business's need to work out the kinks and then we are set!