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Apr 11, 2008 08:24 PM

Side Dishes for Romaine-wrapped Cod?

Hey, all. I'm planning on making this dish from Mark Bittman for a dinner date with a prospective boyfriend at my place.

It's cod wrapped in romaine lettuce and then poached in white wine and butter. Can you make any suggestions for side dishes to go with the fish? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!

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  1. roast potatoes with rosemary, Broiled tomatoes in a garlic marinade.

    1. rice with spinach and lemon.
      middle easten pilaf (with a little golden raisin component, plus almonds, yum!

      i like meatn3's broiled tomatoes idea, too. with that bland fish, you're going to need some flavor in your sides.

      i have recently discovered uncle ben's brand brown rice (in the plastic bag). mr. alka and i LOVE it. i use it instead of regular white rice. it cooks up intact, and has a lovely lightly nutty flavor. 20 minutes, too!

      maybe an almond rice?
      nicoise rice salad?

      greek spinach rice?

      north african salad -- again, savory, nutty, with a touch of sweet (though i'd omit the banana):

      the uncle ben's site has a way to search by cuisine. makes it fun and easy!

      1. Thanks to both of you! I really like the idea of the roast potatoes as well as the rice with golden raisins...My first thought was actually a pilaf with raisins and pine nuts to accompany the fish, so it's interesting that you mentioned that, alkapal!

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          The pilaf sounds good too! Alkapals's mention of the nutty flavor of the brown rice reminds me of pecan rice. It comes in a brown box, ISTR a drawing of a house/plantation on the front. It doesn't contain pecans, just a rice variety that really tastes like pecans are there!

          I make the tomatoes frequently - I use a product called Garlic Expressions to marinate them while everything else is cooking, then pop them under the broiler at the last minute. It doesn't matter how many I cook, they all disappear!

          The Uncle Ben's site looks interesting. I love his quote: "There are plenty of fish in the sea. And they all go very nicely with rice."

          I guess thats expert advise!