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Apr 11, 2008 07:08 PM

Formerly Bev's, Jamaican in Prospect Park South

Bev's is/was a Jamaican take-out joint on Church Avenue between Westminster and Argyle. It was always forbidding, no one ate there, and the few times that I went in to get food, they acted like it was rude to do so.

A couple of weeks ago they seemed to close, but there was a sign out front saying that they were renovating.

The renovation is complete, and it appears to be run by different management. On one of the awnings the sign that says "Bev's" was scratched out and instead it looked like some initials, I forget what, B and P or something like that.

Anyway, I checked it out tonight for some take-out. Unlike its prior incarnation, the new place actually had people eating there (they have some tables) and ordering food there. Good start. Even better, my holy grail for Jamaican food was on the menu -- jerk pork! I ordered a medium dinner of that and oxtail for my wife. We both enjoyed our dishes. The jerk pork was appropriately spicy and flavorful, the oxtail tender. The sides that came with the dinners were so-so; iceberg lettuce and flavorless tomato, with a little plantain and good rice. Glad to see that it's changed. I just need to get the name of the place straight.

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  1. always wondered about bev's. would pass it on my to the bakery farther down to get doubles. it always said open but never looked open.

    glad to hear it has jerk pork, as that's not always so easy to find. will have to check it out.

    1. Anybody been there recently?
      I went by to try them out for the first time last night.
      The front gate was down, and there were men inside doing some kind of construction.
      Not sure whether they are just renovating, or if the restaurant that used to be there has gone out of business.

      1. Is their jerk actually smoked or just broiled?

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          don't know if this place is even still in business and i have never eaten there, but i will say that based on my experience in this city, jerk pork is sort of a misnomer. While I love the dish, in my experience it usually tastes like it is a baked or stewy (ie moist) pork dish with jerk seasoning (and that's how the recipes I've seen make it). It is not cooked on a kettle drum, like good jerk chicken is. So many places that do good jerk chicken won't have jerk pork on the menu, and places that have good jerk pork may not do good jerk chicken.

          But this is just my experience and I could be misinformed. Maybe someone else can chime in with a great place that does both pork and chicken on a grill or kettle drum.

          FYI, further down church towards CIA (next to NYC Icy) is another newish WI place (trini) the lady running it is very nice. I had the doubles which were okay (I like them slightly better at in-between a block away-tho to be fair, she said they were her worst doubles breads and she wouldn't usually sell them, but we were desperate, and she charged us less because she said they weren't up to snuff) and a potato roti which was absolutely excellent--great roti skin. The steam table stuff looked good, too, but we didn't try it. Can't remember what the place is called, unfortunately.