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food near 78th betw. 1st and York?

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On Sunday we're having lunch or brunch with my husband's godmother who lives on 78th between 1st and York and can't walk more than 2-4 blocks at the max. The last time we ate with her we had a very mediocre brunch (at a place whose name I can't remember, unfortunately, but I think it was on the corner of 78th and York). Does anyone have a better suggestion for us? We'd consider almost anything. We'll have five adults and a toddler so we won't be able to stand a super long wait. It doesn't have to be extraordinary food, just good.


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  1. Given the somewhat limited constraints on your traveling distance, and having lived in the neighborhood for some time, I'd say your best bet is Cafe 79. It's a diner on 79th and first and has great breakfasts. It's not a brunch place but the food is really good.

    Now, if you can travel a little bit, the restaurant at the Carlyle Hotel on 76th and Madison, Cafe Carlyle, has an amazing brunch in a wonderful atmosphere. It's kind of pricey, but totally worth. I Haven't been there for a while but I can't imagine it's changed much.

    1. Dresner's does a pretty good brunch on weekends and is not crowded. They are on York Ave between 78 & 79 Street. I hope Dresner's wasn't the place you tried once before but I have a sneaking suspicion it may have been The Barking Dog. Barking Dog does one of those breakfasts with lots of food none of which is really edible.

      1. Obviously, with a toddler involved, you need a place that's family-friendly. Atlantic Grill, on 3rd, b/t 76th & 77th, fits that description and serves Sunday brunch. I've never eaten there, but relatives of mine have gone there a number of times, and they say the food is good.


        1. on 78th or 77th and 2nd is Doc Watson's which has a great brunch deal. For the UES $12 including 2 drinks. I've seen toddlers there on many occasions and never waited more than 5 minutes.
          Just depends on how fancy you want to go...