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Apr 11, 2008 06:45 PM

Coming to Mechanicsburg?!?!

Bringing my old, grumpy, unadventurous father to see his sister in Mechanicsburg (from a look at the map closer to Good Hope Mill) for his birthday next Sunday (4-20-08) and refuse to end up at the Old Country Buffet. Any sugestions where we should go for lunch? Thanks!

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  1. Good Hope is next to Camp Hill, if I remember correctly. To avoid Old Country Buffet and, apparently, going into Harrisburg, you might consider one of the restaurants along the river just north of the Market Street bridge in Wormleysburg. My wife and I stopped at Catalano's once and had a nice lunch. I have never recommended it on CH because there are better places in H'burg but it is the kind of place an old, grumpy, unadventurous father might enjoy that is not a chain. I don't know their Sunday hours and whether it would be brunch, lunch or dinner. There are plenty of boards on eating in Harrisburg, so you can always look into that if you want.

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      Catalanos is now the RockBassGrill: There are three restaurants in a group there on the waterfront. All are owned by the same folks. And this is, though relatively infomal, probably the nicest of the three--it's more likely to have an older crowd.

    2. My favorite in Mechanicsburg is Ye Olde Ale House.Its just a tavern that serves food but its solid.When I was there a couple years back they had 1/2 price wings on Monday,and they were a good value.They have a air cleaner system on the cieling that is the size of a Pontiac Trans Am so there are no smoking issues.Would that more restaurants would go this route so that smokers and non smokers could co-exist.

      1. I'm coming again. Any new suggestions since 2008?

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          Confit French Bistro in Camp Hill. Very good!

          Confit French Bistro
          2138 Market St, Camp Hill, PA 17011