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Apr 11, 2008 06:38 PM

Fridge w/ below-zero freezer at sub-Sub-Zero price

The freezer of my (GE) fridge doesn't have a separate thermostat -- just a vent into the refrigerator compartment. If I get the freezer down to zero, the refrigerator is below 32. If I get the refrigerator compartment to 37, the freezer is at 5, which is not cold enough for my taste.

I don't have room for a chest freezer, and a Sub-Zero is well out of my price range. Any suggestions for a fridge with a big freezer at the top that gets down well below zero?

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    Small medical freezer -- couple of hundred dollars.


    1. Does it have to be at the *top*?

      Some brands are starting to introduce combo fridge/freezers with separate cooling systems for both compartments in the $2000-3000 range -- but most are bottom freezer or side-by-side units. If that's OK, check out Samsung (whose fridges are also rebranded as GE at the moment).

      1. I bought a Jenn-Aire, one door on top and freezer drawer on bottom. Love it. Too bad it's just stainless on front, not on the sides. (Sides are black) But, a lot less $$ than Sub Zero.

        1. This is the problem with the typical refrigerator freezer. If you can spare the space, consider a small separate freezer, chest or upright. They are cheap to buy and to run because they don't usually have frost free features;. I've had mine for over twenty years and couldn't live without it. It freezes at or below zero, while my refrigerator freezer is in the twenties most of the time.

          1. We're moving to a new home and just bought a KitchenAid Architect Series II bottom freezer that has separate temperature controls for both fridge & freezer. It won't be delivered until next week so I can give you any info on how it performs. You can check the following link to the usage manual to see how it works. It's very similar to the Sub-Zero we're leaving behind at our current home.