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Fridge w/ below-zero freezer at sub-Sub-Zero price

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The freezer of my (GE) fridge doesn't have a separate thermostat -- just a vent into the refrigerator compartment. If I get the freezer down to zero, the refrigerator is below 32. If I get the refrigerator compartment to 37, the freezer is at 5, which is not cold enough for my taste.

I don't have room for a chest freezer, and a Sub-Zero is well out of my price range. Any suggestions for a fridge with a big freezer at the top that gets down well below zero?

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  1. http://www.compactappliance.com/CMF15...

    Small medical freezer -- couple of hundred dollars.


    1. Does it have to be at the *top*?

      Some brands are starting to introduce combo fridge/freezers with separate cooling systems for both compartments in the $2000-3000 range -- but most are bottom freezer or side-by-side units. If that's OK, check out Samsung (whose fridges are also rebranded as GE at the moment).

      1. I bought a Jenn-Aire, one door on top and freezer drawer on bottom. Love it. Too bad it's just stainless on front, not on the sides. (Sides are black) But, a lot less $$ than Sub Zero.

        1. This is the problem with the typical refrigerator freezer. If you can spare the space, consider a small separate freezer, chest or upright. They are cheap to buy and to run because they don't usually have frost free features;. I've had mine for over twenty years and couldn't live without it. It freezes at or below zero, while my refrigerator freezer is in the twenties most of the time.

          1. We're moving to a new home and just bought a KitchenAid Architect Series II bottom freezer that has separate temperature controls for both fridge & freezer. It won't be delivered until next week so I can give you any info on how it performs. You can check the following link to the usage manual to see how it works. It's very similar to the Sub-Zero we're leaving behind at our current home. http://www.kitchenaid.com/assets/pdfs...

            1. Perhaps you simply need a newer GE fridge. We bought a GE Profile (side by side) about 1 1/2 years ago on sale. It has separate digital thermostats for the fridge and freezer which were factory set for their recommended 37 and 0 degrees respectively, but are easily adjustable by the user. We have not touched them, and they always remain within one degree of the preset temperatures. Although this is not a Sub-Zero, it does everything we would want, and we are quite happy with it.

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                Just my 2 cents: I had to put up with a side by side for 15 years -- it came with the house. It was difficult to put big things in fridge, like big bowls, platters, etc. When it broke down recently and I had to get a new one, I was glad to finally be able to get one with freezer on bottom and big roominess on top. The freezer slides out like a drawer. On food network, Tyler Florence and others use this one.
                Mine is Jenn-Aire. I like the way it looks on outside, too. Others, like Viking, are the same fridge, just look different on outside, different handles, etc.

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                  Valid point for those who need to freeze large items. For us, we never freeze anything other than plastic containers of soups, stews, portioned casseroles, etc. These all easily fit in our side by side, as well as purchased frozen foods. Thus for us, the GE Profile side by side was an excellent and affordable choice.

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                    I'm looking at a Jenn-Air bottom freezer, really because I just like the white w/stainless steel handles and it's the only one I've found with that option. I'm sick of stainless steel appliances but most white ones have tacky plastic handles. Is this a good fridge or am I going to pay way too much just for the look? I can't find a review anywhere. Thanks.

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                      I think it's good; it's what I have -- just I got the stainless steel because I like the look. Inside, it's the same fridge as the Viking and some others (can't remember the names). Just outside is different, mostly. I chose Jenn-Air because I like the way the handles look. I'm very pleased and knew I would like the freezer on bottom and it's a drawer so easy to use. I prefer a fridge w/out water/ice in the door. I just have the automatic ice thing in the freezer. I like the clean front door look plus those things can become problems. I think mine cost a bit less than $2000 plus more for the installation. One thing I don't like: no way to adjust how wide open the door swings -- just had to have Jenn-Air tech come and they adjusted the feet so it would not swing wide so much. Maybe, if I'd gotten the french doors this would not be a problem but then maybe I wouldn't want to have to open both doors all the time. Tyler Florence on Tyler's Ultimate has my same fridge.

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                        Thanks, walker, I just like the handles, too! I can't tell my husband that though so I'm looking for some back up.


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                          I really disliked the side by side that came with this house and was not too sad when it finally died in Dec. (I'd used it since 92 and it was not new then! I knew I wanted freezer on bottom and it's so much easier to fit things in the top part.)

                2. We have two GE side by sides - one in the kitchen we bought and one in the garage that was in the new house our son bought. No matter how the controls are adjusted we can never get the refrigerator temperatures below 40 - 45 degrees (except the one in the garage in winter). They run almost constantly but the coldest they get will be around 40 the first thing in the morning. After that they warm up even with no kids in the house so the doors don't get open and shut very much.
                  Both units are fairly new and have never worked any better. There are also many other problems and defects as well - ice maker motor stopped working, ice maker/ice bin falls out of place, vegetable drawers and freezer drawers fall out of guides, door handle coming off, freezer shelf mounts coming loose, cold water dispenser control broken,
                  Our GE range is another nightmare. It and these two refrigerators are overpriced boxes of junk. They will be the last GE products we ever waste money on.

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                    Certainly not our experience. We have a 1 1/2 yr old GE Profile side by side, and they never vary more than 1 degree from the recommended and set temperatures of 37 degrees for the fridge, and 0 degrees for the freezer. Maybe we're just lucky, but we've had no problems and have been very satisfied. If I were you, I would definitely complain to GE!

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                      I wish you a lot of luck complaining to GE. I have a SXS GE profile counter top depth I bought about a year ago. It has three digital controls, Freezer, Fridge and a bottom drawer. The problem with the bottom drawer in the fridge is that it was designed like a thawing unit and has three pre-sets instead of an infinity adjustment. It's basicly wasted space. The Ice maker is a very odd shape and not efficient at all. The two main temps work well.
                      At the same time I bought a GE dish machine that was supposed to be quieter than my old Bosch. The only problem was that when they put the sound package on the door wouldn't open all the way. I fought and fought with GE. They came to the house and started cutting and modifying parts and finally said go ahead and use that machine with out the sound insulating package that you just paid hundreds extra for because the factory screwed up and the parts do not fit the machine. Luckilly the store took it back after the service tech told them that the machine would not function as advertised. They also had this system where you could add a whole jug of dish soap and the sensor would add the right amount of soap. In two weeks I went through about two months worth of soap. Just the other day I received a class action notice against GE. Never again. Their customer service is terrible.

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                        We had a minor complaint with our GE fridge (it was delivered with a minor scratch on one door. They were excellent to deal with and replaced the door in about 2 weeks. Work was done by an extremely capable .and pleasant technician

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                      Have you tried getting their customer service people in? I've had really good experiences with their customer service, to fix both my dishwasher and my refrigerator - though the problems with those arose after a couple of years.