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Jul 7, 2002 03:59 PM

101 Coffee Shop

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This is what replaced the Hollywood Hills Coffee Shop in the Best Western Hollywood Hills Hotel on Franklin. Not bad actually, and less attitude. For $16.50 plus tip we had coffees, Belgian waffle with blueberries, chorizo and eggs (not spicy but just add tobasco), really good black beans and something called hash browns which was actually a potato pancake. Worth a visit. Looks like there are no more performances, just food.


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  1. P.S. Forgot to mention, the menu says their hot fudge sundaes are made with C.C. Brown's sauce.

    1. Just don't expect to converse. Between the loud music and the acoustics, hearing the person you're sitting with is next to impossible.

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      1. re: Sandra W.

        There was no noise or music at breakfast. Change of policy? Breakfast vs. other meals?

        1. re: Sandra W.

          Wait, you are correct. There is a juke box in one corner of the restaurant, but it was only on intermittently and not loud at all. I guess they turn up the volume during peak times.

        2. Had one of the worst lunches at 101 EVER. I had a BLT with avacado -very dry and tasteless - My friend Mark had a crappy overcooked tuna melt. Greasy fries and some of the worst service I have ever had. Cell phones everywhere and too many sunglasses indoors for me.

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          1. re: johanna

            Didn't see/hear any cells at breakfast. "Important" people not up that early?

            1. re: johanna

              I, too, had a meal at 101 that was virtually inedible. I didn't think it was possible for breakfast to be that bad. My scrambled eggs were simultaneously overcooked and undercooked. You know - dry and rubbery but with some slimy raw parts still. Yuck! And they tasted old.
              The bacon was limp, and even the toast was bad! I didn't send it back because it seemed too ridiculous to complain about a cheap old diner breakfast, but I didn't eat it either. I paid the check and went to Alex Donuts across the street (good cake donuts).

              A few blocks away from 101 is Village Coffeeshop. Whoever does the egg-scrambling there is a true artist. The eggs are always creamy and moist and just perfectly set. Their bacon is fabulous - thick sliced, cooked to perfect crispness, smoky and yummy and not too salty. And their hashbrowns are a beautiful tribute to the potato.

              To be fair to the 101 Coffee Shop, I do have issues with eggs. I think good scrambled eggs are heaven on earth, but bad ones are deeply repulsive to me. My mother traumatized me with bad scrambled eggs growing up.

              1. re: neumeier

                Where is Village Coffee Shop?

                1. re: jesse

                  About 2 blocks east of 101 is Beachwood Drive. Drive up Beachwood towards the Hollywood sign, and in, say, 5 blocks you'll hit Beachwood Village and the Village Coffee Shop.

                  Their tuna melts are really excellent, too. They cook the tuna salad on the griddle so the mayo gets all warm and melty and the tuna gets carmelized a bit on the outside, and then they put it between the bread. And I reccomend their eggs benedict.

                  1. re: neumeier

                    Thanks! I know that stretch of Franklin but didn't realize there were businesses up in them thar hills... (except for the Batcave- is that a business? Maybe not anymore...)

                    1. re: jesse

                      If you are asking about Bronson Caves (where some Batman TV things were shot), yep, still there. Still being used for filming. Not much of a cave though.

                    2. re: neumeier

                      I've attached a map for Village Coffee Shop.


                    3. re: jesse

                      When you enter the Village Coffee Shop, it's like back to the future. The decor (?) appears original 1970s. The only downside to the place is it's not open on Sundays which is the reason we went to the 101 Coffee Shop in the first place.

                      1. re: mc michael

                        Used to live just down the street, and went there often....You're right, the Sunday thing is a drag

                    4. re: neumeier

                      I do have issues with eggs.-->

                      Me too! Restaurants ALWAYS cook eggs at too high a temperature. I like my eggs set evenly throughout, whites & yolks, but restaurants always always always either overcook the whites or undercook the yolks. Maybe I'm just picky, but I like my yolks popped and set into the whites, but not scrambled. There is no such order for eggs. Maybe I should name it after myself--"eggs Sonia", "eggs a la Sonia", "eggs the GOOD way"...

                      Having said that, I usually order my eggs over medium so that at least the whites are set, though usually rubbery, and leave the yolks. I don't know which I dislike more--runny yolks or tough whites. Scrambled is usually not much better--too hard set and not fluffy enough. Ahhh, such aggravation over eggs... Yeah, I'd say I have issues with eggs.

                      1. re: Sonia

                        God maybe we should form some kind of supprt/recovery group!

                        My father used to make sunny side up eggs which I considered virtually raw and inedible. I would gag trying to eat one. Then he would pull one of those classic, "You will sit there until that egg is gone" acts. Now I had a cold raw egg ringed in solifed fat!

                        It took me years to get over the trauma. When I lived in France with French families, repeated servings of great cheese omelettes started me on the road to recovery. I can even tolerate poached eggs now, but have literally never eaten a fried eg in my adult life!

                        1. re: Oohlala!

                          Wow! There are others!

                          My mother used to make me eat bad scrambled eggs 5 days a week for a good 8 years. Whenever she left the room I tried it all: stuffing the eggs down the garbage disposal, burying them at the bottom of the garbage can, or feeding them to the dog. But she was too shrewd; I kept getting caught.

                          The only thing I could do was invent a system that allowed me to ingest the eggs but have as little sensory contact with them as possible. I would coat each bite with ketchup, and then swallow it like a pill. One morning, while struggling through a really large helping of scrambled eggs, my psychological revulsion reached such an intense level I threw up then and there (sorry this is a gross story). My mother was livid, but it was at about that time she started easing up on the eggs. It took many years of eating other people's eggs with lots of heavily buttered toast to cure myself.

                          An after effect of the trauma is that I then became obsessed with the search for the ultimate scrambled eggs (my favorite description of how to scramble eggs properly is in Edouard De Pomaine's French Cooking in Ten Minutes). One day, having considered myself cured for many years, I saw some fresh duck eggs on sale and thought "Aha! Today I will make the greatest scrambled eggs EVER!" I went home and carefully scrambled them. Fluffy, golden and perfect, I piled them on a piece of buttered sourdough toast. I lifted it to my mouth, but...the heebie-jeebs were back! I couldn't even take a bite. Something about the size of that duck yolk was just too real for me.