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Apr 11, 2008 05:48 PM

Looking for something "real" in AC

Hey fellow chowers...Im heading to AC next Tuesday evening and was hoping to find a restaurant that is not over the edge. By this I mean...not in a casino..and not a multi-million dollar setting. something real..maybe rustic italian? french? Do any of these places exist down there? thanks in advance for your picks

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  1. Bacon (AKA: My favorite food EVER!)
    Laragosta Restaurant-(Shhhh Don't tell anyone about this place!)
    If you're willing to travel about 5-7 min from the casino's, head over to Brigantine Island and enjoy the laid back, casual, "beachy environment, and the best fried calamari I have ever eaten.. Great pasta, delicious pizza, fresh fish.. If they have it, be sure to have their chocolate tiramisu (imported by Bindi.) for dessert.
    Sorry... I was unable to find a website or online menu. They probably don't have one

    Chef Vola
    Let me stress that I have not been to this restaurant yet but members of my family have and they loved it.
    I understand it's a very small place in a very low space, cash only and a reservation is a must..
    If you do go, will you kindly post a review?

    Thanks! :-

    1. Dock's Oyster House (on Atlantic Ave in AC) fits your description. They've been in AC forever, yet consistently deliver great food and great service. No glitz or glamour, but very inviting and well worth a visit. We look forward to going back again.