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Apr 11, 2008 04:56 PM

Khoutubia, Dar Maghreb or????????

Planning to celebrate a 30th birthday party for one of our daughters.

Want to do something fun!

Thinking about Moroccan.

Khoutubia, Dar Maghreb or ?????

Any suggestions?

Other fun ethnic cuisine welcomed.

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    1. re: rnp0123

      Second Moun. lots of fun, good food.

    2. I've never been to Moun of Tunis, and I've never heard of Khoutubia, but Dar Maghreb is lots of fun for a group.

      1. Never been Khoutoubia but went to dar maghreb with group for celebration before and found it to be lots of fun.
        The ambiance (replica of temple) and the belly dancer really made it fun :)


        1. Koutoubia!

          My husband hosted my 34th birthday party there last year and everyone had a great time! It was a group of about 15 couples everyone was thrilled to do something that was so much fun and very last minute. My husband planned the party on Friday for that Sunday. The decor is wonderful. The belly dancer got everyone involved in the party. the drinks were excellent. The food was tasty. They brought in a giant chocolate cake that I still dream about! Give it a try. I think it is a great choice.

          1. Well, since Dar Maghreb is being sold, and will probably close escrow this month, trying to promote fun times when your place is dying is probably not a good thing.
            Had good food at both Chameau and Tagine, yet neither have any entertainment/belly dancers, which is a good thing if food is truly to be considered.

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            1. re: carter

              Moun of Tunis is more "fun", and though the food is less refined than Chameau or Tagine, I liked it more; I've even had a group anniversary party there. I was a little underwhelmed by the latter two; Tagine, in particular, was very dark, the service was indifferent, and a number of other tables seems to be occupied by couples who regarded the darkness as an invitation to high-school level "making out" (unlike M oT, the furniture wasn't conducive to this).

              1. re: silverlakebodhisattva

                There is also Marrakesh is Studio City...Very similar to Dar Maghreb