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Apr 11, 2008 04:51 PM

Mother's Day Brunch in Galveston/Clear Lake Area

Looking for an upscale, special Sunday Brunch venue to take our grandmother for Mother's Day, May 11. She lives just across the bridge from the Island, so we are thinking the Galveston/Clear Lake/Kemah area. I haven't lived there in years (flying in from Seattle), so don't know what the latest "best bets" are without going into Houston metro area--she's kind of funny about that.

When I did live in Clear Lake, the Perry's family chain was quite good; I see online they do a regular Sunday Brunch at the Steakhouse. Kemah was a bit Landrys/tourist-centric when I last was there, and my family--being from Galveston--is particular about their seafood--we are foodies in general.

Back in the day, my grandfather used to take her to Guido's when it was the kind of place where they knew your name and what your drink order was, and served the freshest seafood on the Gulf Coast, but I'm not sure it has kept its reputation.

A buffet would be fine, as long as it is quality fare, but mostly I'm looking for a nice venue for a little 80-year-old Southern Belle/Grand Dame who has pretty high standards! Thanks!

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  1. We like Perry's Brunch....ClearLake Steakhouse location. I've also heard that the Hotel Galvez does a nice brunch though I've not been.

    1. The food at Gaido's is still good but not what you remember. Old man Gaido would only serve fresh gulf seafood and now they have things like salmon, etc on the menu. You can still get their great grilled shrimp, and soft shell crabs but they have more on the menu than gulf items.

      The Hotel Galvez still does a good traditional Sunday brunch with multiple stations. They usually have a generous hot line, but also have carving stations, waffles, omelette's and a seafood station, Being on the island we usually treat ourselves to the HG brunch a couple of times a year. I am sure on Mother's Day it will be pretty busy.

      Landry's corp. usually does a brunch on Mother's Day at the San Luis or Galveston Island Hilton. Never been to one so I can't comment on them.

      1. I forgot to mention what I consider one of, if not the best restaurant in Galveston these days, Palms M&M on 24th and Church. It may be one of the best in the Houston area. They are usually open only Sunday evening but they may be open for Mother's Day, just not sure. You can check them out at

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          Thanks so much for the responses! This really helps!

        2. For Mother's Day in the Houston area, Star Fleet Yachts has a brunch, lunch cruise which is something different to do. The information for their Mother's Day Cruise in Kemah is

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