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Apr 11, 2008 04:26 PM

Flexing your Mussels in SEA

I've always been partial to the Red Door's white mussels and Brasa's curry mussels. Where else have you found good mussels in SEA?

Damng it seems like it's been ages since I've seen fresh ones in stores. What months do we get them here? I should know thins since i'm a native, but now that i'm over 40 I forget things....*grin*

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  1. I like what Latona Pub does with em.
    Nothing fancy, but a little garlic, a little tomato, a little white wine.
    Simple, delicious.
    (they always seem to be short on bread for it though...)

    1. They're available year round. You can get them at farmer's markets (Taylor Shellfish), any fish store, and some good groceries year round. If your grocery doesn't carry them I'd guess it's because they can't turn them over, so I'd avoid them there even if they do appear. (I don't buy any seafood at any grocery store anymore, period--too many not fresh purchases. But that's another thread).

      They are so cheap and so easy to make at home I'm usually disappointed when I do order them out--you get such a little portion for $11-$15. But recently I had them at the Brooklyn's happy hour and for $5 you get a tasty, good sized bowl (pretty heavy, cream and bacon, so you have to be in the mood for that). I also like the mussels at Cafe Presse--they are reasonably priced, and they do a nice job with the white wine-bacon type broth. And the bread they give you at Presse is outstanding.

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        They had some gorgeous ones up at Central Market today. I'll be back later in the week for some of that. They actually have a lot of live and very fresh seafoodthere--that is one grocery store I consider a very reliable seafood source.

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          don't think the bread they give you at Presse is outstanding

        2. Sante Fe Cafe on Phinney Ridge does a good daily Mussels special.

          1. I enjoyed the version at the Brooklyn for happy hour described by christy319. But my favorite over the past year was the version with charmoula, chorizo and cava at Matt's. Outstanding. Runner up is the mejillon en escabeche at txori. Like everything there, just a bite, but a very good one.