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Best Indian in Studio City?

Looking for a good Indian restaurant. My favorite dish is Chicken Tikka Masala.

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  1. Taste of India hands down is the best! On Ventura Blvd around Fulton.

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      I agree, but try the chicken mahkni. Your favorite will change!

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        Taste of India is very good as is Gangadin. Taste of India is at Ventura near Stern (not Fulton).

      2. Bollywood Cafe does it for me. The original location is on Ventura a bit west of Vineland, and they opened a new-ish one on Cahuenga. The channa masala is great (get it with raita) as is the chicken tikka jalfrezi, but I haven't had anything I didn't like there. Its not as heavy/oily/ghee-laden as the other Indian places I have been to- I don't feel the same food coma that I usually do after an Indian meal. This could be a plus or a minus, depending on the eater.



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          Bollywood is nasty..I live in SC, and if I want to be reminded of the great and varied Indian food all over the UK (where I used to live), I truck down to Artesia.
          They do it up right there...just get off the 91 and drive south on Pioneer..roll down your windows, and follow your nose!


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            ditto -- Bollywood has prob the worst Indian I've ever had. Seriously.

        2. Gangadin, on Ventura Place.

          Gangadin Restaurant
          12067 Ventura Pl, Studio City, CA 91604

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              Third Gangadin. Really good stuff.

            2. Great India Cafe. The Saag Paneer and Lamb Boti Masala are both incredible. Add a mango lassi and I'm in heaven...

              On Ventura, West of Laurel. Note, the service isn't great, I usually get delivery from here.

              1. I have yet to find good Indian food in and around Studio City though I hear good things about Lal Mirch, which I've yet to try.
                I feel quite strongly that Gangadin is not good and neither is Great India. I distinctly remember the Vindaloo at Great India tasting like a canned tomato sauce, it was awful. And Gangadin is just plain mediocre.

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                  We enjoyed Gangadin when we dined there, but take away wasn't as good, and we usually do Indian for take away.

                  LOVE Lal Mirch. It is my new fave.

                2. It's not Studio City per se, but Salomi in the NoHo Arts District near Lankershim and Cahuenga has always been my local fave. It was also George Harrison's favorite LA restaurant, fwiw.

                  Salomi Indian & Bangladesh Restaurant
                  5225 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601

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                    I second Maxzook on this--some of the best Indian food in town.

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                      That should've been Lankershim and Magnolia. My bad.

                    2. Particularly for Chicken Tikka Masala, the answer is LAL MIRCH, no question. Both the chicken tikka and the masala sauce are terrific, and together they sing. Plus, they will serve it up very spicy if that's your thing.

                      Salomi pales in comparison to Lal Mirch. I've ordered extra spicy masala at Salomi, and been served that boring, underspiced quasi-tomato-soup style. Bleh. If I wanted watered-down buffet food, I'd go to a buffet. George Harrison is so completely beside the point.

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                        Lal Mirch has my favorite Chicken TIkka Masala, however beware if you are planning on sharing this dish, it only comes with like 7 or 8 little pieces of chicken.

                      2. I'll third (fourth?) Lal Mirch. Gangadin wasn't bad, but it was a bit bland and our chicken vindaloo was really oily. I haven't yet tried the tikka masala at Lal Mirch, but I'm obsessed with the Chana Saag.

                        1. 'course, Tikka Masala was invented in England. Or for the English in India. I think IN England.

                          The best Tikka is probably in London, or from and Indian chef who came to LA from England, rather than India. Anyone know which chefs in LA are from India Via England?

                          1. Taste of India, try the vegetarian meatballs. Pillows of love.

                            1. I'm no expert on Indian cuisine, but did enjoy my meal at Lal Mirch. Service was attentive, too, though that may have been due to a near-empty room.

                              As a plus, they have a small parking lot in back.

                              1. To everyone on this post who have recommended Lal Mirch -- thanks!
                                We enjoyed a wonderful dinner there last night.

                                There were only a few other table occupied at about 7:00pm, yet the service was a little too relaxed. However, the food was delicious! The Saag Paneer was very rich and all the "sauces" (mint, chutney, raita, tamarind) were amazingly fresh and tasty. A standout was their almond/raisin/coconut naan! They also had Parmesan naan on their menu which looked pretty enticing.

                                Without Chowhound, I never would have known about this restaurant. Thanks to all you Hounds who mentioned it and we will return to try more of the menu.

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                                  Worth a link ... and it sounds like it's worth a try.

                                  Lal Mirch
                                  11138 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604