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Apr 11, 2008 01:52 PM

Opinion Please

I am developing a muffin recipe to use in my May newsletter. I am working on a Lemon & Raspberry Muffin. Very buttery, maybe a streusel topping or maybe a white sanding sugar for a bit of sparkle. My question is this. If you were making this would you use frozen raspberries and add them directly to the batter still frozen or fresh, each cut in half? The fresh raspberries I have are a little large.

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  1. frozen will be a little more waterey, so I think the fresh will bake and finish pretty and not soggy.

    1. I would add still frozen. I think if you defrost it, you'll have the juices bleed into your muffin mixture.

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        I'm tending to lean in that direction, the frozen ones may mix a little better. I know I can flour the fresh to help keep them from sinking and with muffins being such a quick mix that really is not an issue. Photos when I have a finished product I am satisfied with and the recipe for those who want it.

        1. re: Candy

          i always prefer frozen for my muffins, and i still toss with a little flour to ensure even distribution & prevent sinking.

          can't wait to see the results!

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            Yes, please post us pics of the finished products.

        2. Last time I made muffins with local "raspberries" ("mora", maybe more like blackberries), the raspberries were a bit on the disintegrating side. I mashed them just a bit more, added a sprinkle of brown sugar and a touch of lemon juice, and quickly and lightly swirled the mix at the last moment into the muffin mix. The swirl effect remained with the poured muffins and turned out delicious.

          1. I've never tried to cut a raspberry. They must be huge!

            Interesting suggestions for keeping berry integrity intact here. I will have to try tossing them with flour.

            On the other hand, the marbling effect you get when you add frozen, thawed berries can also be very nice.

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              Honestly, even when a cake or muffin or other recipe calls for fresh, I use frozen berries of all sorts, not defrosted, unless the berries are actually currently in season right then and are good. Except for those relatively few weeks a year, the frozen taste better and are cheaper. And most recipes I've seen suggest frozen if fresh aren't available. And I don't think I've ever, anywhere, seen anyone say that the berries in a baked good absolutely had to be fresh, that frozen would somehow be worse.

              So I guess what I'm saying is I suspect it doesn't really matter which you use and that your recipe, to be the most helpful, should point out that either one works fine.