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Trattoria No. 10 or Cafe Spiaggia??

For one Italian meal in Chicago which would you select or is there somewhere else?
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Cafe Spiaggia is great and Trat.110 is overrated!!...and it's a French Bistro.

    Also try Quartinos for small plates Italian. Lower price point than Cafe Spiaggia.

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      Thank you. That's odd calling yourself a trattoria but it's a French Bistro. Anyway, looks like it's Cafe Spiaggia.

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        I agree that you should choose Cafe Spiaggia over Trattoria no 10, but I just wanted to add that I think amoncada has confused two different places. Bistro 110 is a French place near the Water Tower. Trattoria no 10 is an Italian place at 10 South Dearborn in the middle of the Loop. Trattoria no 10 is a reasonable recommendation for folks who need to be/stay in the Loop (it's near the theatres, near the Palmer House hotel, etc.) But if you are not limited by location I would not rank it all that high on the list of destination places.

    2. Cafe Spiaggia is head and shoulders above Trattoria No. 10. Spiaggia itself is better (although fancier and stuffier) than the Cafe.

      Another wonderful Italian restaurant at a similar price point to Cafe Spiaggia is Coco Pazzo.

      1. Cafe Spiaggia. No question.

        Or Coco Pazzo. Or Merlot on Maple.

        1. I was just at Coco Pazzo on Friday night. Every course was amazing - especially enjoyed the scallop salad, beet salad, and sea bass special.

          1. I agree that Trattoria No. 10 is overrated, food was sub-par and service was not great either. Found all their offerings to be way too salty, even their bread if you can believe it. However, the ambiance is nice and quiet - it was perfect for the occasion (without going into too much detail).

            1. Jfood reviewed CS a couple of weeks ago. He is planning to give a second try in the next few weeks.

              Jfood's review:

              1. It's not quite as fancy, but I like Terragusto Cafe in Lincoln Park. (www.terragustocafe.com)

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                  Terragusto was on Addison Street (3600 north) in North Center the last time I went past, an address that is still listed on their Web site. The northern boundary of the Lincoln Park community is Diversey (2800 north).

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                    Thanks for the correction - I spaced out. Roscoe Village or Wrigleyville would be more accurate.

                2. If I had to choose one of these two, it would be Cafe Spiaggia. If you would consider somewhere else in addition to Cafe Spiaggia, aside from Cafe Spiaggia's "big sister" Spiaggia (easily the finest, as well as the most expensive, Italian restaurant in Chicago), I would also consider Coco Pazzo and Vivere. And maybe Pane Caldo.

                  1. I would not say that Trattoria No. 10 is necessarily in the same league as Cafe Spiaggia, but I am surprised by the strongly negative comments of a few posters. I ate there about 2 weeks ago and had a very good meal, which was typical of my experiences there. Note that some, but not all, of the pastas served are home-made; it is worth asking which are. When we were there, I had a home-made parpadelle, in a light oil/wine sauce, topped with grilled jumbo shrimp. The pasta was perfectly cooked, shrimp were generous and tender, and the sauce was just right. My husband had a grilled stripe bass in a truffle oil sauce, served on a bed of orzo with spinach. Service was attentive. We will be back.

                    1. Hands down, Cafe Spiaggia!!