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Apr 11, 2008 01:28 PM

1/2 price or happy hour sushi (SD)

Hi Hounds,

My sister, and sushi partner-in-crime, is coming to town for the first time and we would like to have some good sushi without necessarily paying big bucks for it. Can anyone recommend a decent sushi joint that offers 1/2 price or happy hour specials?

I know some SD favs are Sushi Ota, Izakaya Sakura, & Sushi Ono. Maybe one of these places offers bargains?

Thanks to you all!

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  1. Hey there. There's a place in PB called Surfside Sushi Restaurant. It's on Mission Blvd. next to the Denny's on the corner of Garnet. I actually haven't been there in a while, but the sushi was excellent and they had a happy hour special. You should call to check the times as I don't remember exactly. 858-273-2979.

    1. I am pretty sure that Ono has specials, but I think it is only Monday and Tuesday. Zensei at 30th and Upas has a happy hour, but I am not sure what days.

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        Roppongi and Cafe Japengo offer half price sushi and their both very trendy restaurants in nice areas.

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          second on roppongi...really the main reason for going there is the HH prices.

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            Yeah because the food definitely isn't worth it at full price.

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            Roppongi's sushi is "eh," at best. I wouldn't pay full or 1/2 price for it. Their tapas menu is worth their happy hour.

            Sakura doesn't have a happy hour but their chirashi bowl, as ed posted below, is excellent and for $22, you get many pieces of great fish (tuna, yellowtail, ikura, oyster, uni, egg, salmon, etc) on a bowl of wonderfully seasoned sushi rice. Really the best deal for one of the best places around.

            Edo Sushi in UTC has pretty decent sushi and a happy hour. We used to go there a lot until we went to Sakura. Then we got spoiled....

        2. I'm picky about sushi; I think that paying anything for mediocre sushi is not good value, no matter how cheap it is.

          If what you two like is the fish and rice (as opposed to combo rolls), one way to get excellent fish, without having your bank account liposuctioned, is to order a chirashi. This presentation has the fish laid on top of a bowl of sushi rice. Since the chef has not had to roll up the rice into little balls, chirashi is usually good value. At Sakura, I believe it is now around $22 (and comes with miso soup), but one order of chirashi can be a person's lunch or dinner. I remember that Ota has an excellent chirashi as well, but I have no idea about prices there as it has been a while.

          Sakura also has excellent lunch specials, but these do not involve sushi.


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            Thanks Ed, I have been wanting to try Sakura. This may be perfect.

          2. Sushi on the Rock in downtown La Jolla has happy hour sushi mon-thurs...5-6:30..


            1. PB Sushi! I love their spicy tuna rolls and you get 25% or so during happy hour.

              I haven't tried this place yet but Saska's Sushi in MB has 1/2 rolls. Don't know if they're any good or not.