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It's-It Ice Creams in Pasadena!

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I'm really excited to report that It's-it ice creams are now at the Vons on California Blvd. across from Huntington Memorial Hospital. I was there this afternoon picking up a few things and saw it in the ice cream section. There are three in a box and they're 2/5.00 right now. There's a tag by the price that says, "Coming Soon!".

Before you ask, no I did not see the mint flavor. But I was just so excited about finding this that I didn't look. Today being so hot, it tastes extra good!

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  1. Yes, I just noticed them last week at Vons in Glendale (Glendale Ave at the 134)... I guess Vons has started stocking them.

    Only vanilla, alas, but that hasn't prevented from buying a box on each of my last two grocery shopping trips.

    1. That brings back good memories... I used to buy an It's It every day in junior high during my lunch break for $0.50. I loved them.

      1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY! Once I clear some space in the freezer, I am SO THERE! THANK YOU!! ;-)

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          Make sure you get more than one box. I'm so lame, I only got one box and after giving one to Mr. Tums that left me with just two.

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            ;-) great tip!

        2. Vons Chatsworth has the vanilla ones. OMG, they are sooooo good.

          1. this is such great news. I will go get some after work. I so need it.

            1. I noticed too that Von's was carrying them. Outstanding news, I thought it was a fluke, but I guess not. It's-It are so much better than the Cool-A-Cools sold at Dodger Stadium.

              1. Von's in Lincoln Heights / 90031 at the 5 points intersection (ave. 26 / Daly / Pasadena Ave.) has them as well. When I saw them, I had such a flashback to childhood that I bought a couple of boxes and they lived up to my memories. I am not even a fan of oatmeal cookies generally, but these are so damn good!

                1. I came across them at a Von's in Tarzana near the corner of Reseda and Ventura Blvd. I'd never had them before but the buzz hear got me interested, so I buyed and tried them. They were pretty good, and I especially loved the cool retro packaging design.