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Apr 11, 2008 12:58 PM

Four Winds Steakhouse (Between Dallas & Canton)

I had the delight of eating here a few weeks ago-it was amazing !!!! The atmosphere is likened to a rolling ranch straight out of the Texas Hill Country (I had never seen this side of Wills Point, TX before). The food was divine-the best New Orleans Style BBQ shrimp I've had since Pascal's in New Orleans, a refreshing mozzarella/tomato salad, and a steak that rivals any piece of meat at Ruth Chris or Del Frisco's (I believe the chef/owner used to work as an executive chef at Del Frisco's). A large group of us are going back next weekend-I can recommend this to any of the Dallas crowd that wants a quick get-a-way from the big city. If anyone else has tried this place, please let me know-we want to know what else on the menu is good :)

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  1. So are you going back with the Ferrari group next weekend? Actually Chef partner, as I remember the same guys that own Texas driver also own this.

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    1. re: irodguy

      No, not with that group. This is just a group of friends and family I visit in the East Texas area when I go back home for a visit. People from the Terrell through Tyler area-they adore this place.

      1. re: shannydiva

        That is absolutely correct. My uncle has a ranch between Canton and Kaufman and eats at four winds on a regular basis. He is always looking around the place while there because he bumps into so many of the other ranch owners in the area.