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Apr 11, 2008 12:33 PM

Good group dining in Philadelphia

Hey all,

My girlfriend is graduating from college next month and her parents wanted me to select a restaurant downtown we could all go to afterwards. It'll probably be 15-20 of us.

They wanted me to find a place, but I'm having trouble finding something that would be appropriate. There's a ton of places I love to eat downtown, but almost all of them are a)so expensive that I'd feel bad that her parents are picking up the check for that many people or b)Not big enough/not the kind of place you'd recommend to your girlfriend's parents and extended family for "event" dining.

Some of the places I'm considering are:
Cantina Los Caballitos
Ralph's Italian Restaurant
Le Castagne
La Famiglia

Any suggestions?


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  1. How expensive is 'so expensive'? Ralph's is not that good, Cantina used to be good but it's gone downhill a bit, and it wouldn't work for a group of 15-20 anyway. I've never been to La Castagne.

    Perhaps you could list a few of the places you ruled out as too expensive. La Famiglia's entrees start at $27, so I'm not sure of your price range.

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    1. re: Buckethead

      Thanks for the quick response. I didn't realize La Familigia's entrees were that expensive, the review I read gave me the impression it was cheaper. I'm looking for a place where the entrees shouldn't be more than $25 a person.

      1. re: Philthadelphian

        El Vez
        Nodding Head
        La Viola
        Las Cazuelas
        Nam Phoung

    2. Big price point difference there!
      Cafe Valentino at 3rd and Federal handles that size group and is BYO - not sure about their more center City locations.
      I prefer Villa D'Roma to Ralphs, but that's another thread. Villa can take 15 -20.

      Might do Ristorante Panorama rather than La Famiglia - same family (the Sena's) but panorama is a bit less expensive (and has great wine selection)

      1. Philthadelphian
        If cost is a major consideration, your group might be better off with a pre selected menu that will provide a 3 or 4 course meal with a limited choice menu, or 'family style' pre chosen dishes.. That way, you'll know the cost up front. If you can locate a BYOB, or choose a soda/wine carafe per table, option you should be able to pull it off for a very managable cost.

        1. Paradiso is on the same block as Caballitos. With 20 people, they might even let you dine privately in their upstairs room. Pricewise, their entrees average around $25 and their pastas are in the teens.

          1. Thanks for all the good suggestions so far, I'm running them by her mom on Sunday so I'll let you know what we decide on.