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Apr 11, 2008 12:26 PM

One bottle of Stoli Elit...and One Problem...

My restaurant "inherited" a bottle of Stoli Elit. I want to sell it, but feel wierd about charging $22-25 for a martini (which is what I should, since it cost about $65 a 750ml bottle).

Is there any cocktail I can use an ultra-ultra premium vodka, without insulting it (or my customers!)?

Or am I S.O.L, and should just sell $25 martinis until the bottle is gone?


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  1. Good gravy, that's a lot of dough for Vodka. Off the top of my head the only cocktail I can thing of other than a martini that wouldn't be insulting would be a Vesper. It seems that the martini is the best option though, given that the Elit schtick is its super smoothness.

    1. It's a funny thing; people see a high price tag and assume it has got to be the best (yes, I'm generalizing email police).

      For example, champagne houses keep producing more "exclusive" i.e. expensive bottles of champagne and they sell out immediately. Think about tequila; now they have extra aged anejos that sell for hundreds of dollars.

      I say go with the flow; have your bartender make a killer vesper or martini and charge accordingly. Or, get creative and fill a tall shot glass with an ounce of Elit and serve the glass inside a mound of ice or something. I've seen vodka tasting sets that are along those lines.

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        I know what you mean...and I am absolutely not one to go along with those "pricier is better" ideals...but everything I've read about this vodka is that it really delivers...Maybe not $65 worth, but exceptional.

        What I ended up doing was having my bartender pour a chilled shot and had my Chef make a blini with smoked salmon and American Caviar (paddlefish roe)...It's a $30 amuse bouche. Let's see how it goes!

          1. re: Dave and Stuff

            BTW, if you don't mind disclosing, what's the name of your restaurant?

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              I would have to agree, great idea. Pairing it up traditionally will work wonderful. Personally, I'd say hopefully there is some creme fraiche as well? Or maybe that flavor would linger too much.

          2. Did you purchase the bottle or receive it as a bonus/promo (hard to tell from "inherited")?

            If you purchased the bottle, I think you came up with a fun solution. If you received the bottle gratis, I'd try a $12-15 martini (still 100% profit) or let my regulars try it on the low-down. Although, knowing me, I'd drink it myself. :)

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              It was a promo from my rep. But I am a scotch/tequila drinker, so its greatness was lost on me.