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Apr 11, 2008 12:16 PM

Will be around the Cote Vertu area (Guzzo cinema)

Will be in the area this evening - any suggestions for a good spot to grab a bite? Up for anything really but has to be a sit down restaurant and preferably not a chain.

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  1. If you'll be travelling by car and are in the mood for Indian, I really like Kuljit India, a small mom & pop joint specializing in southern Indian.

    Kuljit India - 1911 Boulevard Keller, just off Marcel-Laurin, in a strip mall. It's a 5-minute or so drive from Guzzo.

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    1. re: kpzoo

      Kuljit is very good but it is not south indian. It has a pretty standard north indian menu, practically identical to Malhi Sweets.

    2. You should search the board with keywords VSL or Decarie. There are a few good places on Decarie near Cote Vertu. There's also Japon on Marcel-Laurin for good sushi.

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      1. re: SnackHappy

        Fu Kam Wah if you like Chinese. On Decarie very close to Cote Vertu metro. Easier if you have a party of several people so you can share dishes family-style.

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          And just a few minutes north of there is Seng Lac Hing on Poirier, for Chinese/Cambodian.

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            I've often wondered about some of those little Asian restos on Poirier on my monthly-ish drive between Mourelatos & Marché Hawaii - could you tell me a little more about this place? Any interesting specialties?

            (BTW - that strip has changed so much since I grew up 2 minutes from there - the dining highlight of the street used to be a little greasy spoon called "Butch Patates" - followed by soft ice cream with sprinkles at the Val Royal shopping centre!)

            1. re: kpzoo

              The changing demographics of VSL and their impact on the local dining scene would make a great subject for a doctoral dissertation.

              I think I have to write a novel just so I can call the hero Butch Patates. ;)

              1. re: carswell

                Personally, I'd make her the heroine - and of course she runs a frites resto, to keep this food-related.

                There is the whole "Little Egypt" area (now also Lebanese and many other peoples from the Middle East), but that is quite a distance from Côte Vertu.

                1. re: lagatta

                  Butch Patates was owned by Emile "Butch" Bouchard who played defense for the Montreal Canadians from 1941-56
                  I remember as a kid going there and buying a hotdog, fries and orange crush for 75 cents! Ok, I need to take my Geritol.

                  On Decarie & Cote Vertu there is Kam Do that serves up pretty decent Chinese food and is real inexpensive.
                  Also on Decarie is Ban Lao Thai, great food and a steal

                  Right next to Guzzo is Ristorante Divino, I was pleasantly surprised the few time I ate there, the food was very good and the service tops.

                  Carswell get started on that novel, I would love to read it.

              2. re: kpzoo

                I would rather lose an arm than not have Seng Lac Hing's beef and tofu stew with anise and glass noodle. Nuff said.
                I've been to the one across the street a couple of times too over many years, (Nouvel Asie, maybe?) and don't recall what I had, but I do remember it's also very good.