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Apr 11, 2008 12:16 PM

Spuntino Three 60 - need 'hound advice

Looking for a new(er) places to dine with friends in New Brunswick, NJ. Anyone have first hand experience here? What's good, bad, etc.

Have been to all the usual places: Soho on George, F & P, Stage Left, Nova Terra, OMRaf's, Clydes, HMBrewery, etc.

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  1. Foody - I haven't tried Sputino but published reviews have been mixed. I don't recall many hounds reporting about it either. As far as trying someplace new in NB, have you considered Daryl Wine Bar and Restaurant? Its one of my favorites and is pretty much universally praised on this and other boards. Good Luck.

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      Thanks for the reply b. I've been following the posts here on Daryl and it's at the very top of our go to list.

    2. Try Christophers in The Heldridge. Also Hotoke on George streeet is great.

      1. The food was not very good when I went. The initial reviews were good because they had a group of restaurant consultants in the kitchen. When this group left, the food went downhill.

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          Thanks for the feedback. I thought it was a bit suspect that after the glowing review by Cody Kendall, there's little to no mention of the place on this very active board.

          We may schedule a visit there to see how they are and will report back (aka - take one for the team)!