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Apr 11, 2008 12:03 PM

Tallest/highest restaurants downtown?

Awhile ago I went to a restaurant downtown in one of the high rises. i can't even remember which restaurant it was, but it wasn't in the Bonaventure. Any ideas? Anyone have some suggestions for some high rise dining in LA?

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  1. Takami is relatively new, but it's on a high rise. 811 Wilshire.

    1. The City Club is located at the top of the Wells Fargo building...I believe top floor.

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        I think the City Club has the best food of the downtown business clubs, but it is a private club, and I think you need to be with a member to get in. The view is spectacular.

      2. if it was a while ago, it may have been windows which is now defunct.

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          Windows was located at the top of the Transamerica Bldg. on 32nd. The food was mediocre at best.

          The City Club on Bunker Hill has a commanding view of LA, at the top of The Wells Fargo Bldg. Popular wedding venue.

          Takami & Elevate Lounge is in the 811 Wilshire bldg.

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            When did Windows close? I was there for Valentine's Day 2007.

          2. waht about West. I mean, it isn't the one you're trying to remember, but it is atop a building with good views.

            1. You might be thinking of the Floor 50 Restaurant - used to be located on the 50th floor of the Bank of America Plaza - which is now City National Plaza - on Fig and 5th.