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Tallest/highest restaurants downtown?

Awhile ago I went to a restaurant downtown in one of the high rises. i can't even remember which restaurant it was, but it wasn't in the Bonaventure. Any ideas? Anyone have some suggestions for some high rise dining in LA?

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  1. Takami is relatively new, but it's on a high rise. 811 Wilshire.


    1. The City Club is located at the top of the Wells Fargo building...I believe top floor.

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        I think the City Club has the best food of the downtown business clubs, but it is a private club, and I think you need to be with a member to get in. The view is spectacular.

      2. if it was a while ago, it may have been windows which is now defunct.

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          Windows was located at the top of the Transamerica Bldg. on 32nd. The food was mediocre at best.

          The City Club on Bunker Hill has a commanding view of LA, at the top of The Wells Fargo Bldg. Popular wedding venue.

          Takami & Elevate Lounge is in the 811 Wilshire bldg.

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            When did Windows close? I was there for Valentine's Day 2007.

          2. waht about West. I mean, it isn't the one you're trying to remember, but it is atop a building with good views.

            1. You might be thinking of the Floor 50 Restaurant - used to be located on the 50th floor of the Bank of America Plaza - which is now City National Plaza - on Fig and 5th.

              1. Windows is closed and has been turned into luxury office penthouses. A new restaurant is being built into the ground level space of the same high-rise.

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                  I'm guessing that the "highest resto" title goes to the City Club (private) right now, unless there's something on top of the Library Tower that I've never heard about. City Club's on the 54th floor, IIRC, and the building's on the top of Bunker Hill, which gives it a few additional feet of advantage over anything south of 6th.

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                    I would venture to guess that, on the west / city side of LA, the highest restaurant honors might actually go to the restaurant at The Getty up on the side of the SM mountains on Sepulveda Blvd. in Brentwood / Bel Air.

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                      Clever answer, but the restaurants on Beverly Glen at Mulholland, and Zeidler's at the Skirball Museum, are probably even higher than the Getty. [Not to mention oneg shabbat at Stephen S. Wise Temple.] None of those restaurants has a view, though.

                      Isn't there also a view restaurant in the round hotel on the 405 at Sunset? I haven't heard much of anything about that place since it reopened.

                      The OP excluded the Bonaventure, but what about it? Are the restaurant and the bar up there worth any attention at all?

                      This is an interesting subject, really--there are so few places like this in L.A., and none of them any good. I'd almost suggest Encounter at LAX is better than any of them for a spectacular elevated view while dining--PayOrPlayJr. and I ate there a couple of weeks ago and it wasn't half bad, although expensive as always, and he really dug the view, which will only get better when they finally get rid of the scaffolding.

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                        I think I went to Windows. It wasn't that good, but I liked the view. The West restaurant on the top of the Angeleno (round hotel at 405/Sunset) is OK for food, but the place is great for a happy hour, especially if you get there before sunset and during rush hour. For once, you can sit back and watch the pain of others as they make their way south on the clogged 405. I can sit by the window and revel in the fact that, for once, it's not me down there.

                        The scene later at night was definitely not my style. Kinda greasy, all-black clad elitist.

                2. I went to a neat Japanese garden restaurant that served trad sushi up high in the New Otani hotel, but it's been many years now. Wonder if it's still there.

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                    the garden is on the 3rd floor no?