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Jul 5, 2002 05:14 PM

Thai / South Bay

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Hi, all! We're looking for a good, reasonably priced Thai restaurant in the South Bay; preferably near Lomita/South Torrance. Delivery would be a plus! THANKS!

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  1. Lotus Thai in a mini mall on the corner of PCH and Normandie is very good. They do a good green curry. I don't know about delivery.

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      Thai Rama NE block of Torrance blvd & Anza. Try the snapper deep fried with thai chilis and garlic. Takeout?

    2. has anyone tried Phuket Thai on the corner of PCH and Herondo? It's relatively new, and in a space that used to be a deli.

      I do like Thai Rama in Torrance - good cheap lunch specials, good curry.

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      1. re: David L
        David Wilczynski

        Try Siam Cha Cha instead. Just South of Aviation and PCH.


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          I've been there once or twice. It's nothing spectacular and I probably would never go back again as there are many other Thai restaurants in the area. The food was bland (for Thai food) and the fish we ordered (fried w/ chili sauce) was old and dry.

        2. Sorry this is late. The holiday weekend kept me away from the computer.

          As one of the all-time great, inauspicious dining spots I have to recommend "Thai Food to Go" (that's the actual name). It's on the corner of Torrance Blvd and Madrona (across from Torrance city Hall). They will deliver to Lomita.

          The pad-see-u is really good. Also worth trying is the curry shrimp and all of their soups have been pleasant. The prices are good, the food is adequate - but taken together, it's not too bad. I pick it up once a month. Especially for my best friend and his pregnant wife.

          Thai Food to Go
          3417 Torrance Blvd
          (310) 316-5388

          1. Thanks for all your recommendations. We ended up at Thai Tiffany on PCH at Narbonne. The food was decent, not spectacular, but at least took the edge off our Thai food cravings for a moment! We really liked the salads. The service was very friendly.
            I'm looking forward to trying your suggestions. I'll let you know how we fare....

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              We have been eating at Thai Soho grill on PCH near Narbonne lately. From what we've found they have some of the best Thai food in Torrance. The service is sometimes slow but the decor is nice. We usually stick to the straight Thai menu, som tom, fried catfish, beef waterfall. Everything has been really well prepared. The wife is from Thailand/Laos so this is where we go when we don't head to Thai town. It is a little on the pricey end for Thai food though.

              1. re: BobMack

                I wish you had posted this earlier! Haha~ I JUST (like 2 hrs ago) came back from Thai Thani in Redondo Beach from reccomendations from two chowhounders (in a different "Thai in South Bay" kind of thread) and it was nothing spectacular. I got the pad thai and it was good, but not great. My boyfriend got something that was just awful. Bland, dry, and beyond boring! It had shrimp, rice, broccli and some other stuff in it. It was on the "House Special" portion of the menu. You'd THINK you couldn't go wrong with items on that page. In any case, I doubt we'll be going back anytime soon because of these mixed results.

            2. You should go to Chaba and Thai Thani in Redondo beach. Chaba is a bit more expensive but I would get the Pineapple fried rice at Thai Thani.