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Apr 11, 2008 11:14 AM

Columbus, OH - Stan's Restaurant burns to ground

For Columbus Chowhounders, sad news is that Stan's, the family run diner in Westerville, OH on Westerville Rd. near Morse that was in business for 50 years burnt to the ground Thursday April 10 during the morning breakfast rush. Ths was not haute cuisine, but a staple for good grub, good talk and fast freshly prepared food. Where will we go for the usual eggs, meat, biscuits, coffee and hash browns this weekend? Owners don't know yet if they will re-build or what to do with site.

Tip of the hat to a place long teasured that will be sadly missed by many on the northeast side of Columbus. When the local newspaper wanted to do pieces on local views, they often visited Stan's and sought out patrons. During election seasons, candidates always stopped by for food and politicking. Any stories you would like to share??

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  1. I just went by the restaurant yesterday afternoon and had not heard that it had burned down. I was SO surprised, thinking that I must've missed the story on the news or in the Dispatch. Then, I saw the story today. This is one of those places that, when I pass it, I've thought "We need to go there sometime..." and then I'd forget all about it. Now, unless they rebuild...we'll NEVER have their food. :(

    1. So sad, I hope no one was hurt. I used to go there in Jr. High when I "dated" (can you really date in 7th grade?) a girl from Westerville.

      Via con queso, Stan's.


      1. very sad to hear. i worked in w'ville for years and used to go there once in awhile.

        1. the fire was discovered at 4:20 PM and was fukky engulfed by 4:45 durung the dinner rush.

          1. since they are not going to reopen, got any idea what their recepie for green beans is?