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Apr 11, 2008 10:42 AM

Best place to buy brisket for home cooking

Any suggestions on a great butcher or grocery store to get brisket for a big dinner party? Thanks!

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  1. Honestly, Costco. They even have Niman Ranch. Drive to Alabama or order from them online.

    1. I cooked a brisket over Mardi Gras that was fanstastic, and it just came from Winn Dixie. I've made one since then, from Whole Foods, and it wasn't as good. Not fatty enough I guess. Do you need a recipe?

      1. As a founding member of the South Carolina BBQ Association and a devoted smoker (of meats...), I was extremely pleased with the brisket I bought from Whole Foods. I tried to find a good local butcher, but was unsuccessful. As to Carroltonsnob's comments, the trick is to never buy the brisket they have on display or have already cut. Assuming you have a decent crowd to cook for, take the time to talk to the butcher and tell him you want both the flat and the point. Try to get a brisket with good marbling, white fat and a deep color in the meat. When I last bought mine, they pulled it out and it had a massive fat cap on it. I explained to them exactly how thick of a cap I wanted and watched them as they trimmed it. As I've said, I've cooked more than my share of briskets and was impressed with Whole Foods. If you have any questions about prepping or cooking the brisket, I'd be more than happy to get into it! In fact, you may have just inspired me to cook one next weekend!

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          Thanks TigerAtty, I'll definitely try Whole Foods. Also, what are your thoughts on how much to get for a party of 10? We'll have other food (poached salmon, stuffed peppers, etc.) but I want to make sure to have enough.

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            Depends on if you are looking to make everyone a good sandwich or if it's a piece thing. Most folks say 1/2 pound per person cuts it, but I've always assumed a lb per person, especially in uncooked weight. Besides, if there is one thing I can never have enough of, it's left over brisket. To support that, recognize the amount of time you are going to put into preparing it and you might as well over buy and enjoy the leftovers. Just make sure you cook it long enough to make it tender...

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            Sams has really good ones. WHole briskets, flap on, priced well.

          2. On that note, are there any "real" butchers in town?

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              Haven't found one, but would love guidance. However, I've been pleased with Stein's for random butcher/deli stuff.