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Apr 11, 2008 10:36 AM

Casual dinner tomorrow in Miramesa (SD)

My husband is playing hockey at 6pm tomorrow night at the rink in Miramesa. He'll be showered and done by about 7:45, and will be hungry. Miramesa is a pretty unfamiliar area to me- all I can think of in the neighborhood is a sea of chain restaurants. I did a search of Miramesa on the board and didn't find anything at all. Is there anywhere we could get a good dinner and a couple of beers in a place we can go in jeans and sweatshirts? We like all types of food.

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  1. Callahan's Pub would fit the bill.

    Also, if you search the boards again spelling it "Mira Mesa" you'll find a lot of posts.

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      Aha- two words- and Callahan's looks perfect. Thank you very much!!!

    2. If you are willing to drive to Poway (about 10 minutes drive) I can highly recommend Pamir Kebob House

      1. Not sure if they serve beer, but there are a plethora of good pho places in Mira Mesa. Lucky Pho, Pho Hoa Cali, and Pho Ca Dao are all good.

        If you want to drive a bit South you could get Indian at Surati Farsan Mart off Black Mountain Rd. in Miramar.

        1. Also try Mr. Wasabi!
          It's on Mira Mesa and Black Mountain Road, next to Italian restaurant.
          Awesome sushi, teriyaki combination plates and they have beer.
          My favorite is their snapper dinner, they steam fish with ginger, scallions and it comes with rice, salad or soup and edamame.

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            Thanks for the tip- we ended up at Mr. Wasabi and it is the perfect spot for post hockey. Great hamachi nigiri!!